(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Melissa King, Miss Teen Delaware, Sex Tape!?

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Melissa King Miss Teen Delaware MDLS

Ex-Miss Delaware Teen USA, Melissa King, conceded her crown for a grand total of $1,500 bucks. This is all the cash she earned to star in her now-famous porn video which defeated her beauty queen title.

Mrs. King vehemently denied she’s the one in the Miss Teen Delaware XXX video. Take a look at the uncensored photos and clip of the video here…

But this is where the porn industry always covers its ass; the guys behind GirlsDoPorn.com (the sex site that she filmed her porno for) destroyed her denial by posting a video of the 18-year-old beauty queen, reading their release form on their website. This is where she screws herself, in the clip, the former beauty queen identifies herself by her official government name. Apparently she was the one who reached out to the website to do the scene.

The GirlsDoPorn source says she was totally down to shoot additional scenes but they say her first try and screen test was frigid at best, so they passed on the opportunity. The people at GirlsDoPorn say that the traffic was so insane the day news broke about her XXX film, they had to boost their server power so the site wouldn’t crash.

There’s hope for a sequel … but they might not be able to afford her price now that her porn stock is so high.

Melissa King Miss Teen Delaware porno pic 1

Melissa King Miss Teen Delaware porno pic 2

Melissa King Miss Teen Delaware porno pic 3

Melissa King Miss Teen Delaware porno pic 4

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