GRAPHIC CONTENT: Explicit Texts Revealed At Jodi Arias Trial

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This Jodi Arias trial is exposing her and the murder victim Travis Alexander as a bunch of freaks!  Check out the latest humiliating and graphic evidence revealed in court here…

Jodi Arias read a number of sexual texts that she and her murdered ex Travis Alexander exchanged in the months before she killed him.  It came one day after the Phoenix, Arizona court heard a half-hour recording of the suspect having phone sex with Alexander.  Arias, 32, has admitted stabbing her on-off boyfriend 27 times before slitting his throat and shooting him in the head at his Mesa, Arizona home in June 2008. She claims that she did so in self-defense.

Focused: Arias studies some information before the trial began today in Phoenix, Arizona

Defense attorneys moved to have proceedings declared a mistrial or remove the death penalty this morning in Phoenix because of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ by Juan Martinez.

Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi said that Martinez was getting texts from possible witnesses and friends of Alexander’s who were watching the trial at home and then texting Martinez about contradictions in Arias’s story.  Though Martinez did not deny that he is receiving help from potential witnesses, the judge denied the request to throw out the case.

Arias then took the stand and resumed where she had left off in the trial on Tuesday by explaining that in April 2008, she moved away from Mesa and back in with her grandparents, thousands of miles from Alexander in Yreka, California. Read more at DailyMail…

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