(PHOTOS) Volleyball Coach And Teen Player Exchanged Naked Pictures

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Volleyball Coach John Springer was busted after exchanging explicit and naked text messages with a teen player.¬† Check out the details here…

WPBF — A high school volleyball coach is under arrest, accused of sending naked pictures to a girl on his team and asking her to return the gesture, WPBF 25 News has learned. John Springer, 27, the volleyball coach at Royal Palm Beach High School, faces multiple charges after an investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office revealed the exchange of the dirty pictures.

Springer first approached the 17-year-old girl in August before things escalated in October, according to the PBSO arrest report. The coach told her “he was attracted to her and that he thought she was ‘hot’ and he liked her personality,” the report said.

Springer swore the young player to secrecy and then in October, he began texting pictures of his penis to her, even asking her if she liked what she saw, according to the report. The girl replied that she did and eventually texted back naked pictures of herself, the report said. Springer also reportedly told the girl via text that he wanted to perform oral sex on her and wanted her to do the same for him, and at at least one point told her he knew it was wrong to be saying those things to her, but “he could not stop himself,” he told deputies.

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