Sex Tip: Should I Schedule Sex?

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This may sound like a strange question; but before you judge, check out our featured guest post here…

So, should you schedule sex, is it ever a good thing? Take a look below for the argument for and against.

Yes, you should: 
Many of you are probably wondering how slotting sex into your daily life could possibly be a good thing. How can you be passionate and spontaneous if you know when and where you will get busy with your other half? Well in my opinion there are times when planning sex is OK. If you are very busy people; whether due to your jobs, your kids or other responsibilities which require your time and energy then at least you will get some action if you schedule it in! If you’re only time alone with your partner is when they come home from work, or after the children have gone to bed, then by all means; schedule away! Just because you plan your encounters doesn’t mean that you can’t also be spontaneous when the mood strikes. A happy balance is what you should be aiming for.

No, you shouldn’t: 
If you’re young and free (or old and free!) then there really is no excuse for scheduling sex, other than laziness! It’s so important to keep the element of surprise alive within a relationship by giving your partner the nod whenever and wherever you want; in the house, in the car or out on a country walk (in the summer!). If you find that you’re falling into the scheduling trap then make the effort to get out of the rut. It’s very important that both of you continue to make the effort to keep your relationship and sex life fresh and new by trying new things; including innovative sex toys and new positions! Finally, you must remember that in an equal relationship neither party can be responsible for initiating sex exclusively! So if you tend to be the one who gets proposition then sort it out and start approaching our partner. They are guaranteed to appreciate it!

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