(PHOTOS) Teacher Who Was Exposed On Twitter, Arrested After Sex With ANOTHER Student!

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Teacher Anna Michelle Walters

Anna Michelle Walters, a Virginia teacher fired over claims she had sex with an underage student in her classroom has been arrested for having sex with a totally different student!  Check out the latest details and naked photos leaked by the first student…

24-year-old Anna Michelle Walters allegedly seduced two students at Cosby High School, one who has since left and another who still studies there.  The former substitute teacher turned herself into police on Wednesday following a 12-day investigation which began when ex-student Justin Foster tweeted about their alleged affair, claiming she had sent him naked photographs and explicit text messages.

Teacher Anna Michelle Walters

But her arrest isn’t related to him since he was 18 at the time. Instead she is charged with having an illicit sexual relationship with a second teen who still attends Cosby.  The ‘inappropriate contact’ with an unnamed male student happened last spring, police said, in a classroom but after school hours.

They had exchanged text messages for a sustained period of time, detectives added, but no further criminal charges are anticipated unless other students come forward with similar claims.  Walters was kept in jail overnight on Wednesday and released on a $10,000 bond the following day.

Investigations at the school began after Foster posted nude photos of the young, blond teacher, as well as texts messages that he says she sent to him, because he wanted to ‘screw her over.’

See the photos here:

Anna Michelle Walters naked pic 1

Anna Michelle Walters naked pic 2

Anna Michelle Walters naked pic 3

Anna Michelle Walters naked pic 4


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  1. I think it’s sick how guys fantasize about sex with teachers like this. When I was 15 my teacher, who was also the baseball coach, took me to his house, gave me liquor, and fucked me. I was a virgin but he didn’t believe me and asked me to suck him, which I had done before for a few guys. Then he grabbed me and I got scared. He was huge and put it so deep in me I think I passed out from the pain. I’m sure he kept fucking me while I was passed out. I am only 5’1″ now and 88 lbs. and I think I was 4’9″ or so then. He came inside me with no condom and laughed about it and said I was slut. I sucked him some more and let him fuck me again since I figured he already did it once. It didn’t hurt as much. Now, ten years and therapy later, I realize that was rape and that he is a huge asshole. This boy is a victim, not a hero. I feel bad for him.

  2. It has always amazed me that a lot of these good looking female teachers always seem to go after these under age male students.

    Then I got to thinking. It’s not only about sex, but also about the power and the control they have over someone younger than them. Usually these boys will give these teachers their totally, undivided attetion.

    Usually these teachers (female) escape with very little to no punishment at all.

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