Starter Wives Confidential: Meet The Cast Of New TLC Reality Show Airing January 29th

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TLC’s new reality show ‘Starter Wives’ is going to be something else!  Featuring seven women, all exes of high profile men, this new show is going to show you the forces who stood behind these powerful men and where these women stand now. The series premiers January 29th at 9pm EST, so stay tuned!

The series ‘Starter Wives,’ set to air January 29th at 9pm EST on TLC, started their filming mid-October and is being produced by NOLA.  This will not be your average bitchfest, all the ladies are genuine and not focused on the past.  Take a closer look at the cast and who these women are…

Funkmaster Flex Monica Taylor

~ Monica Joseph-Taylor, soon-to-be ex-wife of Aston “Funkmaster Flex” Taylor and mother to his two children: Founder of, and author of upcoming books on how to be a cougar and dating. People get to finally see what a force Monica really is!

Zakia Baum Maino

~Zakia Baum, ex-girlfriend of Jermaine “Maino” Coleman and mother of his son: Zakia is an interior designer, very beautiful and stylish.  Her rapper ex was publicly linked to dating stars like R&B singer Monica and female rapper Lil Kim.

~ Liza Morales, ex-girlfriend of Lamar Odom and mother of his three children: Never truly speaking out on what is is like to have to Khloe Kardashian as the step-mother of her kids, this Latina should add an interesting dynamic to the show.  She’s also an author of a novel based on her and Lamar’s relationship.

~ Cheryl Caruso, ex-wife of mobster Phillip Caruso and mother of his two daughters: She owns part of liquor called Talero Tequila.

~ Josie Harris, ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather and mother of his three children:  Not only is she the founder of NappieSaks, Josie is an amazing cook, and author of her own juicy tell all book.

~ Tashera Simmons, ex-wife of Earl “DMX” Simmons and mother of four of his children: Recently divorced from the infamous rapper, Tashera will show a side we have never seen before.

(Tashera Simmons, Zakia Baum, Monica Taylor)

Cheryl Caruso Monica Taylor MDLSLiza Morales Josie Harris

(Cheryl Caruso & Monica Taylor, Lisa Morales & Josie Harris)

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  1. Josie is so immature. Monica talks about building these women up and then turns around and invites Lil Kim to her party and doesn’t have the guts to tell Zakia. I love Cheryl, Tashera, Lisa, and Zakia.

  2. I really wanted to like this show, BUT , it was a miserable fail. Allthese chicks came off as pathetic
    Loud mouth women- Check.
    Crying over exes- Check.
    Girl on girl hating-Check.
    This show was another typical fake reality show with narcassitic women trying to get their 15 min. I got a better idea…Here’s a better premise for the show. All these jerk off “celebrity” exes all get together and film themselves doing something productive and meaningful for their communities like volunteering at womens shelter, or helping out kids in group homes. Use your setbacks in life to motivate you to do something positive.

  3. Monica talks a good game, empowerment of women, leave the past behind, etc; but, it’s obvious she is not being real. Why would you tell everyone but Zakia that Lil Kim was invited to the party. If it was just business and nothing else let her know so she could make the decision. Monica was hoping for something to go down, she just thought it would be Kim & Zakia. Dirty!

  4. The show is great for making money yet keep in mind your letting those balloons off into the midnight air is detrimental to our environment. Birds get caught on them and die.

    Secondly some of the ladies need to get a starter therapist

  5. We watched the first episode and I expected more from you… I’ve some what followed your career and you’ve been behind the scene from ABC, to going to TLC and now your own show. I want to see something that show ex-wives empowered, and not crying over their ex’s or soon to be and the women they’ve slept with. I’ve heard about your blog and it should and could be better. Just my opinion, but I figured you would touch on a lot more… your in a Dom suite, so at like one a True Dom… I am and I run my life and everything in it. Show the world who you are and not that your the one that help Flex with his career…

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