(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Man Comes Home, Finds Strange Naked Woman Using His Shower

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Randy Kizer said he was shocked when 24-year-old stranger Jennifer Burgess was caught using te shower in his home.  Imagine if this happened to you!?  Check out the bizarre details, photos, and video here…

MailOnline — Randy Kizer said he was walking up to his front steps in Sacramento, California on when 24-year-old Jennifer Burgess exited his front door, hair wet and wearing his son’s army green bathrobe.  Mr Kizer told Fox40:

She answers my front door and she goes, “I can explain.”

Mr Kizer said he didn’t dare follow the woman inside his home when she asked to go change – which he said he eagerly hoped she would do – instead fearing there could be more intruders inside.

Later showing a CBS news reporter around the bathroom she used, including the camouflage-colored bath robe and a bar of soap, he said:

‘It was like I was intruding into her home, not the other way around.’

After allowing the woman to return from dressing, Mr Kizer said he noticed she had pockets that appeared quite swollen on her.  With police at the scene cuffing Burgess, they discovered she had planned to walk away with a bit more than some wet hair.

Shower invasion: Homeowner Randy Kizer shows off the orange towel his intruder allegedly used to dry herself off with before slipping into her son's bathrobe

In addition to taking every spare key in his house, including his car and house keys, she had also emptied his children’s piggy banks he said. He told CBS Sacramento:

The kids’ allowance money and stuff had all been taken. My daughter was real upset that her (money) for church had all been taken.

In all $46 dollars was taken according to Mr Kizer.

Items to go: In addition to using his shower, Mr Kizer says $46 was rounded up from around his house and stuffed into her pockets including spare house and car keys

Adding to his discomfort, he believes the woman had been there possibly a few times before, despite her denial. He uses his dogs’ calm demeanor around her as an example.

No stranger: Because both of his dogs, pictured, also appeared surprisingly calm around Burgess, the homeowner feared she had been there more than once before

He told Fox40:

‘One of the dogs was lying on the floor here and this is the dog that jumps on everyone.  It’s very creepy. We had just bought video security, not installed yet. It is now.’

Burgess was arrested and booked in the Sacramento County Jail for burglary according to Sgt Jason Ramos.  Her bail has been set at $50,000.

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