(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Pay de Limon, Dog Whose Paws Were Cut Off By Mexican Cartel, Gets Prosthetics

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Pay de Limon at Milagros Caninos rescue shelter in Mexico City

Pay de Limon, or Lemon Pie, can now enjoy his life running and playing as a dog should, thanks to the help of Milagros Caninos rescue center in Mexico.  The poor little dog allegedly had his paws cut off by A Mexican gang and was found just in time to be saved…

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DailyMail — A dog who had its front paws cut off by callous members of a Mexican drug gang is able to play and run once more after being fitted with prosthetic legs.  The sweetly-named Pay de Limon – or Lemon Pie – was discovered whining and bleeding in a dumpster after its run-in with heartless criminals in Mexico City in 2011.

Pay de Limon dog

A year on the plucky pooch has recovered well thanks to the efforts of the Milagros Caninos – Canine Miracles – rescue centre in the Mexican capital, which raised almost £4,000 to pay for Pay de Limon’s new legs.

Pay de Limon dog MDLS

The founder of the rescue shelter claimed Pay de Limon’s horrifying injuries were the work of criminals using the dog to ‘practice’ the torturous treatments dished out to kidnap victims by members of Mexico’s notorious drug cartels.  Kidnaps are a regular occurrence in Mexico, with victims snatched by drug gangs to try and extort money from their families, or sometimes to be forced into working for the cartels.

Pay de Limon Mexican dog

The mutilated dog was brought to Milagros Caninos after being found abandoned in a dumpster by passersby in the Fresnillo district of Mexico City.  Staff at the rescue shelter worked to nurse Pay de Limon back to health, and raised more than $6,000 in donations to pay for the prosthetic limbs that would allow him to walk again.

Pay de Limon at Milagros Caninos rescue shelter in Mexico City

Because no facilities exist in Mexico for fitting dogs with prosthetic legs, molds of Pay de Limon’s legs were sent to a company in Colorado, U.S., that specializes in braces and prosethetics for dogs and other animals.

Pay de Limon Mexican dog

As Pay de Limon grew accustomed to wearing the prosthetics the dog gradually spent more time each day wearing them, and staff say it now regularly trots around with the help of its new legs.


Pay de Limon Mexican dog

Mexico has been plagued by violence since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the country’s drug cartels in 2006.  At least 47,000 people are believed to have died since government troops were sent in to gang strongholds in the country six years ago.

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  1. Wy cant the police and Mexican Army just go into the area these scum lords live or are at with their billions of dollars from the sale of drugs and just blow the whole area up with all of them in it. They don’t deserve to live making millions off of drugs to people who are sick for using them and they kill anyone who gets in their way so save thousands of people who use the drugs and kill all of the cartel. How can they keep having people killed while they live. Are the Mexican Police funded by them so that is why they get by with all the killings

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