(PHOTOS) Women Proud To Bare Their Scars, Reveal Bodies For All To See

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In an image obsessed world, these women who are nothing short of courageous, strip off their clothing and share their scars with the world.  Check out the intimate photos of these beautiful ladies here…

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On the left, Charlotte Stovell, 24, is a post-graduate student from London. She has 27 third-degree burns on her right leg, the inside of her left leg and her right elbow after a boating accident in August 1996.  Janine White, 29, is a psychology student from Blackburn, Lancashire. She has two 11in scars down her right thigh from six operations after a fall in 2002.

Jessica Whitfield, 28, is a carer from Basingstoke, Hampshire. She has two sons, Alex, seven, and Ben, five, with husband Darren, 31, a car restorer. She has scars on her face from 17 operations to correct a birthmark.

women bare their scars

Below on the right, Lydia Lawrence, 25, is a recruitment consultant from London. She lives with her partner and their two-week-old son, Zachariah. She has a 16in scar on her stomach after being stabbed in August 2008.  Alison Mooney, 30, lives with husband Rob, 34, a metal worker, in Liverpool. She has an 11in scar on her stomach following a kidney and pancreas transplant in 2010.

women bare their scars

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