(PHOTOS) Drunken Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Flashes Crowd, Kicked Off Stage By Drag Queens

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Patricia Krentcil, the mother-of-five whose skin is orange and leathery from her obsession with tanning beds, was kicked off a NYC club stage for being a drunken fool.  I feel bad for her children!  Take a look at the embarrassing photos here…

The 44-year-old was kicked off the stage during an alcohol-fueled appearance at a New York drag show, where witnesses claim she shouted expletives at the audience, kicked over her wine glass, and even tried to ‘attack’ the drag queen hosting the event.

tanning mom Patricia Krentcil

Witnesses at Manhattan’s XL Club said Krentcil, of New Jersey, was so inebriated she fell over on the red carpet after turning up for her headline slot at the ‘Tan Mom at Hot Mess’ event.

tanning mom Patricia Krentcil

The tanning addict was thrust into the spotlight earlier this year after being accused of taking her then five-year-old daughter to a tanning booth. 

tanning mom Patricia Krentcil


The girl, who has fair skin and red hair, told a school nurse she had ‘gone tanning with mommy’ when staff at her school asked her about burns on her skin.

Krentcil denied taking her daughter to a tanning booth and said the child was burned by the sun while she played outside.

tanning mom Patricia Krentcil



Jokes aimed at the mother at the comedy event – which was billed as a ‘roast’ of the internet celebrity – evidently failed to amuse, as she began shouting at the audience, sending staff scrambling to get her off the stage.

tanning mom Patricia Krentcil

Krentcil, who is holding a large glass of wine in photographs from the event, was said to be incoherent as the ‘mistress’ of ceremonies tried to keep her focused.

Bianca del Rio, one of the hosts at the club, said:

‘We asked her what she wanted to drink and she slurred: “I didn’t put my kids in a tanning bed!”‘

She said staff had planned ahead in case things went awry during Krentcil’s appearance.


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