(PHOTOS) Police Take Back Claims That Mother Cathy Murch Committed Murder-Suicide

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Catherine Murch investigation

I thought it was too soon to come to a murder-suicide conclusion, and now police have backtracked their claim that the devout Catholic mother-of-two Catherine Murch, committed this unthinkable crime.  I mean, why would she leave her husband as the sole survivor?  Check out the latest details to emerge on the suspicious case here…

Police investigating the deaths of a devout Catholic mother Catherine Murch, 42, and her two young children in an affluent suburb of St. Louis have backtracked on an earlier suggestion that the tragedy was the result of a murder-suicide.

Catherine Murch children

Police originally concluded that Murch shot her 10-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter before taking her own life while her husband, Mitch Murch II, was reading a book in a room downstairs.  However, officials have since made a U-turn in the investigation, backing away from the initial murder-suicide theory and announcing that it is too early to draw any conclusions. 

Catherine Murch investigation

Glendale police Lt. Tim Fagan said Mr Murch has been interviewed and is cooperating with investigators, and said police ‘don’t consider him a suspect’.  Fagan said Mr Murch’s 911 calls and his account of the incident appear to line up with the evidence gathered so far at the scene.

Catherine Murch investigation

On Tuesday, police removed at least three rifles from the home marked with evidence tags.  Officials are still waiting for results of crime lab tests to determine who fired the murder weapon. Also pending are autopsy results and more interviews with those connected with the case, according to CBS St. Louis.

Catherine Murch investigation

Friends, neighbors and a police source told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Mrs. Murch had battled depression for years – but the police chief would not comment on the claims.

Catherine Murch investigation

Mitch Murch, 43, had also been terminated from his job in the marketing department of Centaur Building Services on July 1, the company’s chief financial officer, Paul Simons, told the Post-Dispatch.  Simons would not offer any further details about why Murch left, but said:

‘The whole company is in shock over this; Mitch was well-respected here.’

He had alerted authorities after finding the bodies Monday morning.  Glendale police Sgt. Bob Catlett said:

He told officials he heard a gunshot, but thought that it came outside the house, ‘so he ran to his front door and saw that his wife was laying in the kitchen, his son was laying in a side room and his daughter was on a bed in the second story of the home.’

The case squad issued a news release Tuesday saying that it had assigned more than 20 investigators to the case.  Fagan said the size of the probe was necessary to ‘get a very clear understanding of what happened’.

Catherine Murch investigation

During a press conference on Tuesday, Fagan declined to address reports that Mrs Murch had been suffering from depression, or speculate whether the family had been experiencing marital or financial problems that would have explained the shootings.  Investigators did point out that there have been no previous calls to the home for any type of domestic disturbances.

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