(PHOTOS) Sex Slave Murdered Marine Wife Brittany Killgore In Jealous Rage Over Her Master

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Brittany Killgore

Brittany Killgore went missing three days after filing for divorce from her Marine husband who was serving in Afghanistan.  Very suspicious right? However, her body was soon found after a CRAZY note described her whereabouts. This is so sad. It seems that the beautiful young woman was in the middle of a kinky sex slave ring, led by another Marine, that ultimately led to her death…

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MailOnline — A jealous woman, who was part of a kinky sex slave ring, strangled a beautiful Marine’s wife who she thought was trying to come between her and her ‘master’, according to newly unsealed search warrants.  Jessica Lopez, 25, is one of three suspects accused of murdering 22-year-old Brittany Killgore, whose body was discovered near a Southern California lake in April. Three days before her disappearance she filed for divorce from Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore, who was serving in Afghanistan at the time.

The newly unsealed search warrants suggest Lopez was in a relationship with her two co-defendants U.S Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Ray Perez, 45, and Dorothy Maraglino, 36. The three lived together in a home in Fallbrook, near San Diego. Detectives who searched the property found what they described as a ‘sex room/dungeon’ with ‘several bondage type apparatuses; toys and tools.’

(Jessica Lopez, left, and Brittany Killgore)

Lopez was charged with Mrs Killgore’s murder after she was found at a San Diego motel room having stabbed herself multiple times.  Although none of her injuries were life threatening, she had written a seven-page suicide note detailing what happened to Mrs Killgore and where her body was dumped.

Search warrants, which were unsealed yesterday at the request of news organizations, reveal the contents of the note in which Lopez uses a variety of profanities to describe Mrs Killgore.  She also refers to a ‘master’ and ‘mistress’ believed to be Perez and Maraglino. The note reveals how Lopez believed Mrs Killgore was trying to come between her, Perez and Maraglino and how she acted after the victim told her that she had a ‘whole night planned’ with Perez, a Marine. Lopez said she had been burned before in a relationship and knew what she had to do when Mrs Killgore entered their home.  Lopez said she shot the victim with a stun gun, wrapped a rope around a neck, buried her face in a pillow and strangled her.

(The ‘master,’ Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Ray Perez)

The letter reads:

‘She barely moved but she just wouldn’t die, the miserable whore.’

Lopez said she made ‘a few attempts to chop her up’ with Perez’s power tools and doused Mrs Killgore’s body in bleach to get rid of evidence before dumping the nude body near Lake Skinner, near Riverside.  The handwritten letter, which was discovered below a mirror scrawled with the word ‘PIGS READ THIS’ – accused police of ‘complete incompetence.’  It reads:

‘Master I am so sorry I dragged you into this. I thought I was defending the family and it would be simple like Dexter (a serial killer in a television show).

‘To Mistress I have always lived to be your slave & pet I’m sorry my last act is to leave this world without permission but I cannot bear your grief & my guilt at seeing Master go through this from my choice.’

The documents says her body was found with neck injuries consistent with strangulation and marks on her wrist and leg that suggested someone tried to use a saw or other tool to dismember her. The letter details where the body was dumped, telling police they would likely find handcuff marks on the wrists. It says the handcuffs and a knife were disposed at a beach restroom in Oceanside.

(‘Mistress’ Dorothy Maraglino)

Three days after Mrs Killgore vanished, detectives searched Perez’s mud-caked Ford Explorer and found a plastic bag with a stun gun, latex gloves and Killgore’s blood. Perez’s DNA was found on the stun gun.

The documents describe an elaborate ruse for Perez to conceal his whereabouts on the night Mrs Killgore vanished.  Prosecutors have alleged Mrs Killgore was lured to her death through a conspiracy executed by the trio. They claim she was convinced to go on a boat cruise with Maraglino, 36, but on the drive there with  Perez, 45, texted the word ‘help’ to a friend. Within minutes, according to investigators, Perez had himself texted Maraglino asking her to meet him at the home they shared with Jessica Lynn Lopez, 25, and on April 17, Killgore’s nude body was found on the side of the road.

(Innocent victim Brittany Killgore )

The documents give no indication that Mrs Killgore knew about the sex ring and prosecutors call her an innocent victim. Detectives said she accepted Perez’s invitation to a San Diego dinner cruise after Perez helped her move that afternoon. The warrants do not say how Killgore met the suspects.

All three have pleaded not guilty to murder.

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