(PHOTOS) Not Homeless, Need Boobs: Chrissy Lance, The Flat-Chested Bikini Clad Panhandler

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Chrissy Lance

Chrissy Lance is not your average beggar.  She is a single mom who sits on a corner begging for money in a bikini.  So why is she panhandling?  Because she wants breast implants and simply cannot afford them herself.  Check out the photos and details of the sexy panhandler  here…

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Chrissy Lance has been panhandling on an Akron, Ohio street corner with hope to raise enough money to enhance her breasts through surgery.

Chrissy Lance

The attractive 37-year-old single mom and college student is asking Ohio residents for donations to go towards a $5,000 boob job.

Chrissy Lance

Normally, people don’t panhandle for things like this.  In fact it seems superficial, but if it works – more power to her!

Chrissy Lance  Chrissy Lance

She claims her $23/hour bartending job cannot pay for it alone, according to the New York Daily News. The whole idea is kind of crazy, especially since she’s a mother.  However she did get a permit from the city allowing her to raise funds, so she does have some brains.

Chrissy Lance

Good luck Chrissy Lance, I’m sure you will have the money in no time.  You may even be able to afford a butt implants as well with all this publicity you are getting!

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