(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Annie Hawkins-Turner, With 102ZZZ-Cup Breasts, Speaks Out!

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Annie Hawkins-Turner aka Norma Stitz, the woman with the world’s largest natural breasts has spoken out on how she needs security to help defend herself against unwanted attention. However, the stalkers aren’t her only problems.  Check out the photos and details on her and her humongous boobs here…

DailyMail — Annie Hawkins-Turner, a 53-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia who has a bra size of 102ZZZ, told TLC’s Strange Sex that she is a ‘celebrity in other countries’ due to her Guinness World Record-breaking breasts.

Annie Hawkins-Turner

Although they attracted ridicule when Ms Hawkins-Turner was a child, her breasts have since helped her develop a career as a self-described ‘fantasy model’. She has appeared in ‘over 250′ self-directed fetish videos.

Annie Hawkins-Turner

Appearing in a trailer for a new season of the reality series, which explores unusual sexual fetishes, the mother-of-two is seen discussing her body pride at length. She says:

‘No one looks like me, I’m one in a million. [I’m] always imitated but never duplicated. I do have security because people chase me.’

Ms Hawkins-Turner’s chest weighs eight stone (112 pounds).  She adds that she has never contemplated undergoing a breast reduction.

Norma Stitz

Ms Hawkins-Turner, a sufferer of gigantomastia, a condition that involves slow, progressive growth of breast tissue, admits that despite her new-found fame, her breasts do create everyday problems.  She says:

‘When I have to bend over, if I get up the wrong way I’m going to hurt myself. If I stand up for a long period of time, I do get numbness in my shoulders.’

Even driving a car provides its own share of issues.  She says:

‘I’m not going to put on my seat belt because it’s too tight across my breasts.’

Her positive self image is unwavering, however, even when challenged by those around her. She told UK breakfast show This Morning last June that she has been bullied ever since childhood and is taunted daily by strangers.

Norma Stitz MDLS

She told hosts Phillip Schofield and Jenni Falconer at the time:

‘When I go out of my house I have to think about what my day is going to be like and who is going to attack me today. Every day someone teases me that doesn’t know me. They make fun of me and there’s no reason. I’m human like everybody else. I’m just blessed in different ways than other people. It affects my son very badly because people stare.’

Ms Hawkins-Turner, who today makes a living as a model under the pseudonym Norma Stitz, said that the bullying began when she got her first bra at the age of ten.

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