(PHOTOS) Carla Murphy Smoked Bath Salts After Giving Birth, Abused Staff And Rolled Around Naked

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Carla Murphy Smoked Bath Salts after giving birth. She attached hospital staff and got naked. This Bath Salt maddness has really gotten out of control. Check out the photos and details here…

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Dailymail – Carla Murphy, of Altoona, is being charged with aggravated assault and various drug counts for allegedly stripping naked and fighting with staff at the Altoona Regional Hospital on June 17. Hospital police had to be called to subdue the 31-year-old after she stripped, rolled around on the shower floor, and was unable to answer questions posed by staff, according to the Altoona MirrorNurses initially became concerned after Murphy started swearing and acting aggressively, according to court records.

They noted that she appeared to be on drugs that were not administered by hospital staff and made the decision to keep her at the ward because she was ‘not of sound mind or able to make her own decisions.’ But when staff attempted to escort Murphy into her room, she ran into the bathroom and rolled around naked on the shower floor, seemingly unaware of her whereabouts.  Police searched the mother’s bag after she gave them permission and found evidence of drug use, including white powder Murphy described as ‘Disco’, which is a brand of bath salts. Doctors were forced to give her the anti-psychotic drug Haldol after they could not get her to calm down but she became more violent and attempted to run away.

 When officials tried to get Murphy to return to her room, she proceeded to punch a nurse and attempted to bite an officer, with the scuffle spilling into the hospital’s hallway. She was eventually handcuffed and arrested but continued to struggle, kicking a nurse who was trying to help her get dressed in the chest. Police later searched Murphy’s home where Michael W. Stewart, her live-in boyfriend, led officers into the room the newborn would be sleeping in.

Police discovered drug paraphernalia including needles, aluminum foil, bath salts containers and a broken glass bottle with brown residue on it, according to the newspaper. Stewart told how he was aware that Murphy had been addicted to ‘Blizzard’, the street name for bath salts, or MDPV, but thought that she had kicked the habit. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia by Altoona police and faces a preliminary hearing on August 8 alongside Murphy. Murphy who was released from Blair County Prison on Tuesday.

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