(PHOTOS) Lacey Wildd, Mom Of Six With L-Cup Breasts, To Get Size MMM Implants!

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Lacey Wildd has some HUGE breast implants already and she only plans on getting them bigger.  I don’t know what would posses anyone to get L-cup sized implants in the first place, but now she wants MMMs.  Find out the reason behind this woman’s surgical obsession and why her children are begging her to stop…

A mother of six who has had 12 operations to give her L-cup breasts says she will not stop having cosmetic surgery until they are the biggest in the world.  Lacey Wildd’s children say they are embarrassed by their mother’s obsession, but the 44-year-old from Miami, Florida, is already planning her next visit to the surgeon to go up to a Triple-M.

Lacey Wildd MMM breasts

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Four of her children Tori, 17, Michael, 15, Brendon, 10, and Jenaveve, five, still live at home, and Tori has faced teasing at school because of her mother’s appearance.  But despite her children’s concerns, Ms Wildd, real name Paula Simonds, is determined to have the procedure – which will make her one of the top five biggest breasted models in the world.  She said:

If I have triple M implants it will take me into the top 5 big breasted models in the world. There is a top 5 and then everybody else is below that. It will increase my fame and earning power considerably. I want to make the most of this opportunity, to give my kids a good lifestyle.’

Ms Wildd‘s children, including 27-year-old Ivy and 24-year-old Silas, who no longer live at home, say her huge breasts are embarrassing and want her to stop risking her health.  They are worried the MMM implants will cause terrible side-effects such as stretching, tearing, or even an infection that might kill her.  Tori said:

‘I don’t want my mom to have her boobs made any bigger.  I think she isn’t really thinking about our opinions. What if she dies? Is she taking that into consideration? Does she really care that her kids could be left alone?’

But the surgery-addicted model, who recently split from long-term boyfriend Manny, insists she will be careful.  She said she is preparing her skin for the larger implants to avoid the risks of rupturing, and will take every care to avoid dangerous staph infections.

Lacey Wild

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Ms Wildd wears a corset to sculpt her waist, and has also had two tummy tucks, four full body liposuctions, abs sculpting, bottom implants and two bottom lifts.  She said:

‘I know that the surgery is going to be dangerous.  I went into this knowing that there are going to be very big risks involved. But I’m ready to take that chance.’

If she goes ahead, her new MMM implants will propel her into the top echelons of big breasted models, which is headed by 164XXX Chelsea Charms.

Lacey Wildd breast implants MMM

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Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr Alberto Gallerani, based in Miami, warned that Ms Wildd may be suffering from body dysmorphic disorder and should not have further breast implants.  He said:

‘The skin around her breasts is already extremely thin, and it would be too dangerous for her to undergo more surgery.   I would advise she reconsider and seek help for her surgery obsession.’

But Ms Wildd believes there are surgeons willing to carry out larger breast implants, and is considering going abroad for an op.  She admitted she worries about the effects of her fame in her children, especially Tori and Michael, who are in high school.  She said:

‘I know Tori probably gets teased at school about me. All the boys she knows want to be my friends on Facebook. But whenever the kids bring friends home, they see I’m really cool, like a normal mom. I dress normally at home, play with the kids and make nice meals for my family.  When I’m not acting or modeling, I’m just like anyone else.’

Now she appears in films, TV shows, and advertisements, and has thousands of online fans.  The mother, who also has silicone lip implants, is often mobbed by fans at the beach or the mall while dressed up for modelling assignments.  But whenever she is out with her youngest children she says she is very protective so they have space together as a family.

Lacey Wildd before and after

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The model was a showgirl in Vegas when she was younger and says she ‘loved the limelight‘. After marrying in her 20s and having children, she decided to focus on her family and became a stay-at-home mother.  But she added:

‘Now I need to support us, so I went back to my career as a big breasted model.  I’m 44 now, so I want to do this now while I still can. I’m more determined than ever to have this surgery, and make my dreams a reality.’


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  1. Her fame is assured. She won’t stop until she has at LEAST the biggest in the world. Eventually she’ll have a rupture or an infection (e.g. Sheyla Hershey) and her life will be threatened. Then she’ll appear on the cover of People with a teary-eyed account of her self-inflicted stupidity and demand we all feel sorry for her. It’s just a pity she’s already procreated and probably spread the “stupid gene” onwards to a new generation…

  2. Ugly. It looks like someone punched her in the face with those terrible looking lips. Those fake breasts are a joke. Simply ugly. I pity her children…

  3. She has succeeded in making herself into a cartoon. Real women don’t look like that; most men prefer “naturals”. I consider fake boobs a real turn-off. I feel sorry for her children, who seem to have some of the common sense that their mother lacks. What will she look like at 60? With boobs hanging down to her knees.

    • Dnt hate on her…u people must hv low self esteem n worry about ur own lifes…if u dnt like mz wild..then dnt look at her..I actually find her beautiful..

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