(PHOTOS) Snooki Leaked Cell Phone Pics Surface!

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Snooki is not shy, but these photos look like they were accidentally leaked.  I say Vinny did it! While the pictures certainly look like her, it’s still unconfirmed if they’re legitimate or not.  Take a look at her alleged leaked photos here…

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Snooki leaked pic 1

Snooki leaked pic 2

Snooki leaked pic 3

If the photos are real, they must be at least four or five months considering Snooki is heavily pregnant right now.  Her and her fiance Jionni LaVelle are expecting their first child together, due in September.  It’s unknown how the pictures, which first surfaced on Egotastic, were obtained.

>>Snooki Exposed: Another Leaked Pic <<

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  1. Snooki is so nasty. 4 foot 8, nasty things, sagging but. Lets say not skinny, sailors mouth and she acts like a sloppy 17 year old drunk who has never drank before.

  2. Why is this interesting to anyone? She looks like a hobbit that has been put in an oven until brown and gooey. Oh and it is easy to have big fat titties when you are 4’3. I am not against petite women by the way. I am against stupid slut women.
    I’m a guy and I find her disgusting. I wouldn’t touch that coochie while wearing a hazmat suit. She seems to have the IQ of a ripe banana. I’ve never seen that show either because I’d rather spend my time complaining about these morons than watching them make fools of themselves.

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