(PHOTOS) CAUGHT: Couple Filmed Having Sex In Office By Residents Across The Street

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Residents of an apartment building were shocked to see a naked couple having sex in the office building across the street one evening.  One resident even went as far as to record the whole thing.  Check out the photos of the office romp here… (Sexual Content)

A man was stunned when he looked out of his window on Friday noticed a couple having sex in the building opposite him.  The two had not pulled the window blinds in their Nottingham city center office and put on a show for all residents in the building.

Mystery Couple Filmed Having Sex In Office

The resident who did not want to be named, said that he filmed the two for twenty minutes and they ‘didn’t care that everyone in my building was staring at them.’  He added:

‘She was really good looking. She walked into the office and started stripping off, then she started ripping his clothes off and performed a sex act on him.  They then started having full-blown sex over his chair and then his desk.’

Mystery Couple Filmed Having Sex In Office

In the video, the man’s suit can be seen hanging on the chair. The man even looks out of the window at one point but doesn’t seem to mind or notice the audience. The woman looks to be in her late 20s with long dark hair and the man  in his early 30s, with balding light brown hair.

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