(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Teen Jessica Barba Suspended From School For Anti-Bullying Video

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Jessica Barba anti-bullying video

Jessica Barba, a 15-year-old student has been suspended from school after creating a video depicting a bullied young girl who kills herself.  Honestly, I’m sick of all this ‘bullying’ talk, but I won’t get into how I feel about it right now!  Check out the photos, video and details of here…

Jessica Barba of Middle Island, New York says her story was a class project misconstrued after a parent who saw the video and webpage called police to report the perceived troubled 12-year-old named Hailey Bennett.

Jessica Barba anti-bullying video

Posted to YouTube on May 15 after filming herself acting as Hailey, a girl who’s bulled at school and abused at home by her father, the six-minute film ends by reporting Hailey having committed suicide one day before.

Jessica Barba

Jessica says that both the video and the fake Facebook page for the girl have disclaimers reporting it as unreal.  According to her school, many didn’t see those disclaimers.

Jessica Barba

Jessica has been suspended five days with a hearing scheduled today.   Her parents are defending her project, calling the school’s reaction ‘extensive,’ according to NBC.

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