(PHOTOS) Jerald Reiter Arrested For DUI With Pet Zebra And Parrot In The Car!

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Jerald Reiter arrested with zebra and macaw

Jerald Reiter had his drunk-driving arrest turned into an animal affair when two his passengers turned out to be a zebra and a macaw.  I honestly don’t even know what to think here.  Drinking and driving is never OK, but having a pet zebra is pretty cool.  Check out the bizarre details and photos here…

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Police made an unusual arrest when a passerby reported seeing a zebra and a macaw sitting in a pick up truck parked outside the Doghouse Bar and Lounge in Ankeny, just outside Des Moines, Iowa.  According to local station WTVR, when the officers arrived on the scene, the car was being driven away by their owner, 55-year-old Jerald Reiter.  Police discovered that the exotic animals actually pets  of Mr. Reiter, they enjoy car rides.  That is why he decided to take the zebra and the macaw with him when he went for dinner on Sunday night.

Jerald Reiter

Reiter claims he was going to take his pets inside.  He told KCRG that in the past, the owners allowed him to bring his exotic pets in the bar.  However this time they had to wait in the car, as the owner would not let the animals in because they were serving food that evening. The owner claims that they never allow animals in their establishment at all.

Doghouse Bar and Lounge

Reiter told police that he knew he was too drunk to drive after getting in his truck and that he was going to let another person drive him when the police started questioning him.  The police then tested Reiter’s sobriety.  He was arrested for drunk driving.  He had a 0.148 blood alcohol level, well above the 0.08 legal limit.

Mrs. Reiter zebra and macaw

(Reiter’s wife is feeding the exotic pets in their kitchen)

Reiter and his wife keep the animals as their pets, like most people do with dogs and cats. 

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