(VIDEO) Geraldo Rivera Attacks Trayvon Martin On Air, AGAIN!

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Geraldo Rivera has made troubling comments, again, about Trayvon Martin.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether or not they want to publicize on air is completely up to them.  Apparently Geraldo wanted to speak his mind, listen to what he had to say here…

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Appearing on the Bill O’Reilly show to discuss new developments in the case, Geraldo Rivera said the fact that Trayvon Martin had THC in his system was ‘less powerful’ than his hoodie and his height.  After surveillance footage of Martin buying Skittles just before his death was released,  Rivera appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show for a discussion, according to the Huffington Post.

Mr O’Reilly even put pressure on Mr Rivera to back down from his comments, suggesting that the journalist was ‘profiling’ Mr Martin.

In March, Rivera made similar comments condemning the dead teen’s attire, saying that he constantly urges his son Cruz not to wear hoodies to attract police attention.  He said, saying that ‘everybody that ever stuck up a convenience store’ wore hoodies as well:

‘If you dress like a hoodlum eventually some schmuck is going to take you at your word.’

After a public outcry and petition was started to force Mr Rivera to apologize, he finally did.  He said:

‘A week ago I ranted against hoodies like the one worn by Trayvon. What I was trying to do was caution parents that allowing their kids to wear hoodies or similar clothing in certain circumstances, particularly if they’re minority young men, could be dangerous.’

He even addressed Trayvon Martin’s parents:

‘Sybrina and Tracy, I never intended to hurt your feelings. I want to personally convey my deepest apologies to both of you. I am sorry if anything I said, Tracy, added to your misery.’


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