EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Floyd Mayweather And 50 Cent Exes Share Dirty Secrets

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I sat down with Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkins, the mothers of Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent‘s kids, and got the ladies to spill all the juicy and private details of their relationships with these men. They have been pretty much silent up to now, but are ready to tell their story — and they don’t hold back!  Floyd has more than Miguel Cotto to worry about tonight!

Shaniqua Tompkins is the beautiful mother to a 15-year-old son, Marquise, whose father is 50 Cent.  Josie Harris is the gorgeous woman who shares three children with famed boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., they are 8, 11, and 12-years-old. Shaniqua and Josie just recently became friends with each other but it seems they have a strong bond.  Neither of these women came off as bitter baby mamas, in fact they were laughing and smiling throughout the whole interview.  Although these two women are no longer with these men, they did however spend a good portion of time with them, before and after their claim to fame.  So I had to ask…

Patricia Dean:  How is your relationship with 50 right now?

Shaniqua Tompkins:  It has its ups and downs. It’s a hard relationship to explain.  He’s a bitter man, very bitter.

PD: Why is he bitter?  Because you tried to sue him for $50 million?

ST:  I didn’t sue him, he took me to court for child support, he sued me for defamation of character.  The only time I tried to sue him is when he tried to evict me and his son from our home, the home he promised to give me.

NSFW-Mayweather’s Fiance Shantel Jackson’s Vagina Twitpic…

PD: Why did he sue you for defamation?

ST:  Because at the time the house burned down, I was asked in public who I thought burned my house down and I said he (50 Cent) did.  When your money’s very long you can pay someone to do something. But that’s still you doing it, you’re just as guilty.

PD: Do you hold a grudge against him for that?

ST:  No, because God wants you to forgive. I just had to let it go.  Call it Karma, it all comes back.  I don’t have to be mean or vindictive; we all get what’s coming to us.

PD:  Are you still in love with him?

ST:  No, I love 50 like a cousin maybe; I’m not in love though.

PD:  Josie, how’s your relationship with Floyd?  With all the cheating and domestic violence, do you forgive him?

Josie Harris:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a d***.  I have forgiven him, I’m over it.  I did my s***. I’ve hit him over the head with a Tonka truck when I found out he was cheating on me.  We had a pretty volatile relationship.  Anyone who knows us, knows that.   For him to put another ring on another chick’s finger, then come over to my house and try to control me and who I’m having sex with (C.J. Watson)… I mean that’s just him.  She ain’t the only one that got a ring.  He the ring master, there’s a couple people that got a ring.  He’s just about that life.  I didn’t deserve the abuse, my kids didn’t deserve to see that.  We have gotten into to it before but what was most disturbing is that my son had to get help for me because had no idea how long it was going to last.  Floyd’s bitch-ass friend was watching the whole time as he put his hands on me, he even tried to block my kid from leaving.

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PD: Who was it?  Do we know who this ‘friend’ is?

JH:  He was a friend, we won’t say any names.  Somebody in Floyd’s camp, who is very relevant.  I don’t even feel comfortable with my kids around him because I think he’s a snake.  Any real man that see another man seeing red and putting his hands on a woman should intervene, he didn’t so s***.

PD:  So where do you stand with C.J. Watson now?

JH:  He put the running shoes on. Floyd was ringing his phone, C.J. even had to change his number.  But he is a very nice guy – with a very controlling mother.

PD:  How long was the violence in you and Floyd’s relationship going on?

JH:  It started from the beginning, not the very, very beginning but it escalated.  We started feeling like we were each other’s possessions.  If I wasn’t violent with him, I’d get violent with the b*****s.

PD: How about you Shaniqua, did 50 ever get violent with you?

SH:  Yes.  When he put his hands on me in front of my daughter is when I knew the relationship was over.  I’d never fight any of the girls he was messing around behind my back with though.  Hoes are going to be hoes.  I did have to call Meagan Good once.  She claimed 50 was just a friend and he was helping her to get over a break up.  She played her part well, as a good mistress does.

This Is 50 Cent Playing Nice: Comments On Chelsea Handler…

PD: Are Floyd and 50 Cent good fathers?

JH: I hate to say it but yes Floyd is a good dad. The kids love him and are in Vegas with him right now for the Cotto fight.

ST: 50 is a good provider, but a good father? No. He hasn’t been to one of his son’s games. In fact, the last time he saw his son was December.  When we were together he helped raise my daughter along with our son, but when we were finally over it all stopped.  He was no longer a father to his son.  He thinks financially providing equates to being a dad, but it doesn’t.

PD:  Now that your relationships with Floyd and 50 Cent are over, do you two have boyfriends?

ST:  Yes and he’s not intimidated by 50 Cent.  I’ve been with him for about 6 years now.

JH:  No, haven’t found that yet.

PD:  Are you looking?

JH: Hell yeah I’m looking!!

PD: How about 50 and Chelsea Handler?  I heard she said he is ‘adequate’ in bed, and surprisingly he had no response to that. Is it true? How is he in bed?

ST:  50 is a bully, but he’s afraid of Chelsea, she’s bigger than him.  As for him in bed…he’s okay.

PD: How about Floyd, how’s he in bed?

JH: He’s boring in bed.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Going To Jail, Pleads Guilty To Domestic Violence…

PD:  How do you two feel about 50 and Floyd’s relationship?

JH:  You mean their bromance?  They’ve been friends a long time. (Josie and Shaniqua look at each other and laugh.)

PD: Josie you are working on a book…tell me about it?

JH: It’s a book about my relationship with Floyd, we’ve known each other and been together since we were 16.  Our relationship was very passionate with an incredible love but it was volatile. We tried running each other over with cars, pulling guns on each other… Crazy s***! We were extremely possessive of each other and I tell it ALL in the book!  I’m finally in a better place where I can talk about it.

(Shaniqua Tompkins, left, and Josie Harris)

PD: Wow, you’re not worried about legal repercussions or backlash from the book?

JH:  I told Floyd to suck my d***.  Seriously.  It’s not about Floyd or me, it’s about the kids and making money to provide for and support them.  Why wouldn’t he give me that as the mother of his children?  I want him to write the forward to the book!  If Floyd has any type of bio done, remember we share 3 children and were together from when he was 19, up until last year, so I will definitely be part of his story, why I can’t I tell mine?

PD: Floyd is facing jail time immediately after tonight’s fight for a domestic violence incident involving you…how do you feel about that?

JH: I never want to send a loved one to jail. I hope he gets the help he needs. I wrote a letter to the judge asking him not to make him do time.

(Shantel Jackson, left, and Daphne Joy)

PD: Both 50 and Floyd are publicly with other women…how does that make you feel?

ST: 50 still won’t admit to me he is dating her (Daphne Joy). He won’t talk about her or them dating. He does NOT acknowledge her to me, crazy! She will learn. (Laughs)

JH: Ms. Dade, as in Dade County, Florida, where she’s from (Shantel Jackson) is in it for the money. She is controlled. Let me tell you how crazy it all is… they announced on the radio that they are getting married on my birthday!  C’mon…he knows what he’s doing and what type of woman agrees to that?

(50 Cent and Chelsea Handler)

PD: Would you sleep with 50 again?

ST: No, he’s hard enough to get rid of, that would just make it worse.

PD: Would you sleep with Floyd again?

JH: Yes, but only if he had a drink first. Sober Floyd is boring and I like to have fun in bed!


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  1. Pingback: Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent's Ex's Talk Bedroom Secrets & Abuse

  2. This is a very very powerful interview, and the photos are impeccable…I’m speechless. But I would say this, Floyds ex needs help as well, she admitted to being possessive in their relationship, so before you move on to the next man make sure you mend those bitter, crazy and sick fences, I know whats it’s like.

  3. I think no one has the right to judge! Just because these guys made money people running to their rescue??? WACK!!! The issue is that everyone has the opportunity to say what they want about the relationship they were/are in!!!!!! If i want to tell it Damn it I lived it so I can speak on it bitter or not! The only time I shouldnt speak on it is if I didnt live it! Since I lived through the drama & am a baby mama to a well known MAN I selected for myself I wouldnt tell it but if they choose to SO WHAT! They paid the cost to tell it, THEY LIVED it!

  4. I like Fifty and Floyd but this is some funny ish LMAO at the fact that you can tell they still love the bm and your first love will always have your heart you can tell Floyd still wants his bm by the wedding date you can tell fifty still wants his because he wont even speak on being with another chick to his bm Lol classic I bet both of the new chicks feel dumb and who does that get married on his ex/bm bday how lame idc how pretty you are your lame

  5. These are two of the most ignorant women I have ever heard. Seriously when you want to know why black women get such a bad rap this is why. What jerk of a mother does an interview talking about how my childs father is in bed? Its one thing to be upset cause he is not a being a father to their child but these low rent hoes are talking about trivial stuff like their sex game and then in the next breath say they would still sleep with them. It makes me appreciate my mother alot more listening to these birds.

  6. I can’t wait to read this book!!and see the show. Josie Harris is sooo freakin funny and drop dead gorgeous!!! Guess shed have to be funny to put up with Floyd Gayweather all those years .

  7. I love the interview! I love the fact that these ladies kept it real, Shaniqua had me on the floor rolling when she said she looks at 50 like a cousin. Josie is funny too she said Floyd is boring in bed lol.

  8. Hmmmm … “I hate to say this … but he’s a good father ”
    That statement shows you in a very poor light Miss Harris

    You should be thankful for that blessing.

    Ms. Guru are you as disappointed as I am with Miss Harris and the messages she’s sending to the ladies? She says the relationship was volatile from the beginning with abuse originating from Floyd as well as herself, reaching levels of gun play and or attempted hit and runs ? BAD BAD BAD .. Can anyone Miss Harris included be surprised that there was “another” incident ? Did Miss Harris ever indicate why she chose to report the assault this time … there just seems to be a self serving aspect to it almost like “Hey I don’t need to take this mess no more I got CJ …”
    (And then CJ left her .. surprise surprise) And now if Floyd has a drink .. she’ll continue the relationship ?

    A very bad example for our the young ladies out there.

    As for Miss Tompkins … she seems genuine and WORTHY OF LOVE .. I’m not surprised she has been in a relationship for 6 + years …

    I wish both of the ladies, kids and fathers the best of luck in love and life as I do all those reading.


  10. They both need to find better hobbies than to write about there kids father….. First off for them both to say there moved with there life… But yet there writing a tell all about there ex…. St claims she has a man she been with for 6 yrs but yet u wanna write a tell all about 50…. Wat kind of u man u got for him to think its ok to keep dwelling on ur past relationship…. St do urself a favor and LET IT GO!… Theres plenty of other things to do to make money!.. Josie im sry my personally is not gonna be with someone that long and there borin in bed…. Then turn around and say u would have sex with him again ur lying ur jus sayin he boring to make him look bad…. But really u do and did he get u a ring???…. If i was them i would put a stop to the books cause im pretty sure both them chicks gettin good money for them kids… And im sure all of it is not being spent on the kids either best of luck to them both tho

  11. I think the fueds are unnesssary, and they need to move on with their our lives, because it hurts their children in the long run, because they are innocent.

  12. This chicks are gold diggers looking for that cash. They seem very confrontational in personality. One chick even admitted to clocking floyd upside the head with a tonka truck (HEAVY!!). They very un-classy for airing their dirty laundry. True women keep thei life to themselves…not the world. This is why the era of the Black women are dying out because birds like this spread a bad stereotype.

  13. Putting hands a woman is a No-No in any Mans book. Also, a woman putting hands on a man is a No-No as well. With that being said, the woman doing the interview seems just as bitter as the ones answering the questions. If you’re doing an interview for the people, you won’t just ask questions you want answers to, you’ll ask a full assortment of questions, and question the interviewee if something makes no sense. If these women were truly over the situation as they say, why so much anger behind their words and why even talk about it still, if it’s a dead situation? You got one saying she has to write a tell all book to support her kids??? wth, lmao. That is the only way you can be a good example for your children is by writing a tell all book about you and your children’s father personal life? ok… You have the other one saying she rarely talks to him and he doesn’t keep in touch with his son but turn around and say he doesn’t talk to her about the woman he is dating? Dummy, why would he talk to you about her lmao. You got the other saying she’s single but talking bout the dude who is knocking her down??? I mean, this could go on for days about how dumb they are but they wonder why they’re not being interviewed as their wives and just as their “baby mama’s” <— the most ignorant word ever btw. If you consider yourself a reporter/journalist/columnist (whatever you clasify yourself as), you're a wack 1, just my opinion. Most women or men who harp on negative situations are only showing a reflection of their own life, apparently their situation hits close to home for you, so sad. Step you writing game up "journalist/columnist", if you're truly writing for the people that is.

    • Nope, I’m not bitter. In fact, I’m happily married and have no kids, therefore no baby daddies. Oh yeah, thanks for your witty opinion and the great advice…

  14. Im not too sure about this article. Im wondering why 50s bm does not date other people. Maybe shes actually waiting for him to grow up. But something there dot front for us. Lov is lov booo. The heart know no limits

  15. get out of here with this bulls#%t. only other groupies would care about there stories. 50 aand floyed got major things going for themselves. these birds are just salty. mayweathers baby moms saying hes boring in bed, then says she will have sex with him again, praises him, plus has 3 kids with this man. and shaniqua saying 50’s ok in bed. biotch, stop fronting. you 50 broke that behind with the magic stick. a women protects her family, not spill there problems for the world. and it aint like we knew how 50 and them get down. 50 aint mother theresa you know. GTFOH.

  16. these hoes are bitter, jealous, and IGNORANT

    they can talk slick all day but if given the exact chance and opportunity, THEY WOULD GO RIGHT BACK WITH THESE MEN

  17. It’s birds like these 2 that give “baby mommas” a bad name. they sound bitter as hell, and if these dudes are providing and being there for their kids, what’s the problem?
    50’s baby Mother acts like he has to tell her about his current love life…lol. I feel sorry for the children stuck with these media whoring, bitter, washed up chicks for Mothers. They have to be embarrassed at them putting their dirty laundry on the Internet.

  18. @Dee, you are a sorry excuse for a human being, no matter how ratchet or trifling a woman is, no REAL MAN lays his hands on another woman… Period. If he does, I’ll kill him myself. If thats what the NOI teaches I’m glad I wouldn’t want to be a member. A disgrace.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

    As far as this interview is concerned, It’s always two sides to every story, but it all boils down to ‘Ratchet is as Ratchet does’.

    oh yeh, and Ratchet-ness sure loves company. They should make a movie about Floyd & Josie’s relationship, it would make BBW look basic.

    • Well said D.A. I believe there are three sides to every story…his, hers, and the truth.

  19. Well….all healing begins somewhere, so, I am glad that these ladies are attempting to do so. But, this short interview holds many contradictions by both women. Not being able to stay consistent for such a short interview proves that they are both very angry and very much consumed by it. I wish them well.



  22. You guys should send your link to other bigger websites. This one is guaranteed to get some looks. I can’t believe these ladies had the balls to do this interview on the night of the fight and then congratulate Floyd on the win… It’s HILLARIOUS!!!! I gained alot of respect for them cause they pulled a do me dirty and I’ll get the last laugh. Awesome!!!

  23. Just for the record — these ladies were NOT holding the ‘hoes’ responsible for sleeping with their men at the time. Listen, if you sleep with a man knowing he has a girlfriend…most likely you’re a hoe, just as much as he is for cheating.

  24. DAMN!!!! At first I thought this story was fake but then I read through Josie’s tweets and saw her post the blog on her sight. Then I thought, well maybe it’s a fake twitter until I saw the banter that you and Ms. Jackson had going on. Y’all are gonna end up in the ring real soon from the looks of it. If you ask me Floyd won the fight fair and square that night but looks like he’s a complete loser with his personal life!!! Looks like his own sis even likes you more than she does the current missy… Prob cause you were there from the jump and this girl just jumped in. Really, their wedding is on your birthday!!! Man… jokes on her, that’s a tell tale sign of him wanting you to think about him on your day. She may get the date and the ring, but you have his heart!!! I saw her the day of the fight and thought, that looks like a fun lifestyle. After reading all this it now has me saying that sucks to be dealing with all that baby mama drama. What a puppet!!!

    As far as 50’s situation. Looks like the ex moved on and the new boo is a classic case of fuckin for handbags. Crazy part is that her ex boyfriend is hanging out with that girl from the bad girls club. That girl was at Rain yesterday with THEMONEYTEAM… That’s just one big group of “Hey Kobe tell me how my ass taste”. They might as well all just sleep together!!! They’ve had all the same shit inside of them at different times so might as well have a little fun and do it all together. Ratchedness!!!

  25. Why are the silly women calling the chicks THEIR boyfriends were sleeping with while they were together hoes? They aren’t hoes, your man was. Call it what it is. Because no matter how promiscuous a woman is, she can’t sleep with a man unless he consents. 50 and Floyd were consenting all over the place and thats who they should save their insults for.

    If wives/girlfriends started holding their man responsible for sleeping around instead of blaming the other woman they might actually get cheated on less.

  26. LMAO I love it im glad these 2 who knows them very well put both on blast and its funny how 50 can go to all Floyd’s events but not his son Marquise basketball games SMH,anyway I hope this story gets out there so people can know the deal thanks for this interview and cant wait for the books LOL.

  27. Good Interview, I questioned if it was real also to be honest, but it seems so, you have pics, I wonder what 50’s baby mom meant by Daphne J will learn? also doesnt 50 deny all his women, that is so strange imo, Did he ever admit dating Ciara to his BM, probably not, he be acting like he friendly with everyone, like a 36 or 37 yr old man is afraid to have a girlfriend STRANGE

  28. Haha! Best interview by far. I almost pee in my pants when you asked straight up about their sex life with 50 and Mayweather. I for one had no clue 50 had a kid (what planet have I been on). I am indeed happy for these ladies the fact they’ve overcome their situation and doing better for themselves.

  29. Good fake write up 50`s baby mama isn`t allowed to say shit like this because of the contract shit they did

    • Hey Denzel, think what you want. I sat with these two gorgeous ladies last night. This is definitely not a FAKE write up, …thanks for the laugh though!!

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