(PHOTOS) Moms And Daughters Pose NUDE To Compare Bodies

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Six brave women, three daughters with their mothers, stripped down butt naked to compare bodies and see if they’ll inherit their mom’s bodies as they age.  I thought this was very interesting.  If it’s true, I don’t mind if I inherit my mom’s shape, she looks amazing!  Take a look at the photos here…


Sandra Hunt, left, 55, is a shop manager from Nottingham. She has divorced three times and has three grown-up children. She is 5ft 6in, size 10/12, and weighs 133lbs. She says:

Seeing my daughter Lyndsey’s beautiful body reminds me of myself at her age. I’d love to turn back the clock — the passing years can be cruel. The size of my bust fluctuated with pregnancy and childbirth, from 34A to 36C. My breasts were flat after I had my family and I became self-conscious about them. In November 2001, 12 years after I had my last child, I had F-cup breast implants.

I felt slightly uncomfortable looking at Lyndsey naked, but it was also a strangely bonding experience. It brought back memories of my own youth, and the pert bust and bottom I used to have.

Sandra’s daughter Lyndsey Bowler, 36, lives in Nottingham. She’s engaged to Glyn Phipps, 33, an engineer, and they have a 12-year-old son, Kyle. She is 5ft 6in, a size 12/14, and weighs 144lbs. She says:

Mum inspired me to have breast implants. After I had Kyle, I went from a C cup to an AA, and my confidence suffered. I had surgery when I was 28 and was thrilled with the results. I’ve seen pictures of Mum at my age and we look remarkably similar. She is slimmer than me, though, and has better, more toned legs.

I found it embarrassing seeing Mum without clothes on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her completely naked before. But I was surprised by how good she looked. Her legs looked slimmer and her bra-less breasts better than I expected.


Ange Turner, 50, is unemployed and is from Bromley, Kent. She is divorced and has three grown-up children. Ange is 4ft 11in, size 14 and weighs 130lbs. She says:

I don’t think Brina and I look like each other, though people tell us we have the same smiles. We are both an apple shape — we tend to put on weight on our middle. We have chunky arms that don’t respond to exercise and almost identical slender legs.

Luckily, cellulite doesn’t run in our family — I have a few dimples at the tops of my thighs, but Brina doesn’t have any and if she keeps her weight down I think it will stay that way.

The one part of my body that hasn’t let me down is my breasts, which are 34A and still pert. If I could afford implants I might consider it, but then the rest of me would look as if it needed work, too.

Ange’s daughter Brina Sandiford, 31, has a 13-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. She lives in Bromley, Kent, is 5ft 3in, size 10 and weighs 133lbs. She says:

I’m generally happy with my body, and I have my mum to thank for that. She taught me to eat healthily and to be proud of what I look like.

The only thing I don’t like about my body is my stomach — I have stretchmarks, crinkly skin and a three-inch scar. I was depressed after my grandmother’s death from lung cancer in 2010 and started comfort eating.

I’m taller and bigger busted than she is, but I’ve inherited her toned, sexy legs.  I think we probably do have the same body type, but I’m a lot more careful about what I eat. It’s not that I don’t want to look like mum, but I will do my best to make sure I keep my weight down as I get older.


Gina Morrish, 47, is an actress from Fleet, Hampshire, and has a grown-up son. She is 5ft 3in, size 8/10 and weighs 124lbs. She says:

I’ve always told my daughter Samantha she’s beautiful: I see it as my duty as a mother to make her feel secure. But to be honest, I don’t like much about my body.  I think some people are just born with higher self-esteem than others.

My bottom, like my legs, has lost tone over the past decade or two. I wish it were firmer. On the positive side, I’m happy with my 34E bust.I know I’m lucky and unusual in that my breasts increased in size after Samantha was born, even though I breastfed for a year. I also have a reasonably flat stomach.

Samantha and I have hourglass figures. Men have told me I’m beautiful, and friends tell me I should have more confidence.

Gina’s daughter Samantha Morrish, 25, is a drama teacher from London. She is 5ft 6in, a size 8/10 and weighs 130lbs. She says:

Mum has always told me I’m beautiful, which has given me a healthy sense of self-confidence. I’m not as insecure as she thinks. She has insecurities, but I think she’s confident about her body.

Exercise makes me happy. I like my 32F breasts, the tops of my arms and stomach. I’m not keen on my legs — like Mum, my upper thighs are where I put on weight most easily. Mum and I are a similar shape.

If I have a role model, it’s my mother. She has a fantastic hourglass figure, and I don’t think it’s changed over two decades. I can’t think of a single thing I’d criticize about her body. If anything she has higher cheekbones and better bone structure than me — I envy her face.

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  2. Thats bullshit and probably has fake pictures, but the women do look good. Sadly, I bet they don’t feel like so. Breasts are best botoxless!

  3. No way the last two have E and F cup breasts. If that’s the case then most women must be F+. They look B or C at the most!

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