(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Vagina Lightener: Clean And Dry Intimate Wash Causing Controversy

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A feminine hygiene product, launched in India, that is said to ‘lighten the vagina’ while keeping it fresh, is causing a whole lot of controversy.  Why are people so sensitive?  If women want to buy this, let them.  Products like this are only made because the companies know they will sell.  Check out the details and controversial commercial here…

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A 25-second commercial for Clean & Dry Intimate Wash shows a woman using the product to lighten the area around her vagina to please her man. The motto for the product is:

‘Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner and more importantly fairer and more intimate.’

Described as ‘unique’, the product is designed to keep the skin ‘fresh and protected from infection all day’ with the added bonus that it will ‘brighten darkened skin in that area…making it many shades fairer.’

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Clean & Dry Intimate Wash has opposite opinions in India.  Many see the product as a discrimination against darker skin, while others don’t seem to think it’s racist at all.  Fair And Lovely is a popular skin lightening cream originally from India, but sold worldwide, while Porcelana cream is also a huge seller worldwide.

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I’m sorry to say, but banning products or commercial like these will NOT stop the ‘discrimination’ or light skin vs dark skin war.  If you think this commercial is racist, then don’t buy what they are selling.  Yes, we are all entitled to voice our opinions but this is not that serious.  Women are forever looking for things to enhance their beauty and until we stop, products like these will continue to be advertised and sold.  Plain and simple.

Watch the commercial here:

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