OH NO: Maia Campbell Sex Tape Surfaces

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Actress Maia Campbell may be on the road to recovery but her drug abusing past has come to haunt her in the form of a highly hardcore sex tape.

Several sites are reporting that the grainy video shows actress Maia Campbell having sex with as many as 20 different men.  However, the woman in the video appears to be unconscious during the sex acts!

Monica, Patti, and Jasmine have decided not to post this video. This is a personal decision of the site although it’s not our job to judge but to report news and current events.  If you want to see some leaked celebrity sex tapes (that show obviously consensual sex) we have them here:

Click HERE for Kim Kardashian’s sex tape

Click HERE for Jasmine Waltz’s sex tape

Click HERE for Suelyn Medeiros’ sex tape

Click HERE for Tulisa from X-Factor’s sex tape



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