(VIDEO) KONY 2012: Another Scandalous Video From Invisible Children Exec. Exposed

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After Jason Russell, the mastermind behind KONY 2012, had a naked meltdown in public, I thought it couldn’t get any worse.  Well, it has.  Another honcho from the Invisible Children, Jedidiah Jenkins, has a disturbing video circulating the web.  Watch the video and find out more here…

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The KONY 2012 campaign was clearly a clever marketing strategy geared towards young naive adults.  If you don’t believe it, you are most likely one of the people who donated to this ’cause.’

Find out why KONY 2012 is a scam HERE…

Jedidiah Jenkins, the Director of Ideology for Jason Russell’s Invisible Children organization made a disturbing video after the charity won a $1 million grant.  The footage appears to be shot in 2010, right after Invisible Children won a $1 million grand prize in the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition. In the video, Jenkins is holding  Smirnoff vodka and says:

“I don’t know if you heard this or not … but we won a … we won a million dollars so … pretty rad…a hundred thousand for Haiti and $900,000 in extra for me.”

Regarding the Haiti reference, the contest was held one week after the earthquake in Haiti and Invisible Children had promised to give $100k to Haitian relief efforts if they won the prize. It is unclear how the remaining $900,000 was spent.

Click HERE to see Jason Russell’s naked meltdown…

A source connected to Invisible Children says the video is a joke and  the bottle was filled with water, not vodka. Invisible Children’s rep has not responded to our calls from TMZ for an official comment.

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