(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Footage Of Rob Kardashian Detained By Police In Miami

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Forget the Kardashian sisters, Rob Kardashian had his own bit of drama in Miami when he was shoved into the back of a police car.  Find out the details and watch the video footage here…

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Rob Kardashian almost got into serious trouble after chasing a photographer down a Miami street this morning.  The incident all started when he spotted a paparazzo taking pictures of him from across the street, and he decided to push the photographer’s buttons.

Sources told TMZ that Rob Kardashian thought he could give his friends laugh with the silly prank. He then started running towards the photographer, who in turn started running away, screaming for help.

Rob thought he could clear up the incident with the startled paparazzo by following him into a smoke shop. However,a few officers had seen the whole fiasco and got involved before they thought things could spiral out of control.

Rob was then taken to the back of a police car, where he and the photographer were interviewed. Luckily, explained his way out of it and was then released.

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