(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Jaynie Mae Baker, Alleged Accomplice Of Madam, Not Who You Think She Is!

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Jaynie Mae Baker, the alleged accomplice of Manhattan madam Anna Grstina, claims she is merely a matchmaker.  She may be just that, but the latest videos and photos of her personal life prove she is way more than a matchmaker.  Take a look here…

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The glamorous alleged accomplice of Manhattan Madam Anna Gristina once tried to break into professional wrestling and has even tried her hand at stand-up comedy. ‘Matchmaker’ Jaynie Mae Baker, 30, who is originally from Texas, arrived in New York seeking fame and fortune almost a decade ago.

Since her appearance in court this week on charges of promoting prostitution, video footage has emerged of the Southern belle, who now lives in Brooklyn, performing a graphic comedy routine in January. Separate footage of a bikini-clad Baker giving a tour of a Miami apartment, and of her dismal 2004 wrestling audition, has also surfaced.

Her routine, however, was squarely on the raunchy side with frequent bad language and gags about pornography and masturbation. JC Coleman, host at the Gotham Comedy Club, told the New York Daily New:

‘I was there that night. It was, shall we say, a dry performance. Definitely not a breakout.  It was awkward to be in the room. It was New Talent Night, so you have to give them the benefit of the doubt. She got some giggles.’

A third video shows Baker auditioning on talent show WWE Raw Diva in 2004, dressed in floral bikini and a top with a plunging neckline. She told the judges:

‘I can handle any situation. ‘Let me tell you about my personality. A bit of Southern charm. In a New York way, I can be a bit sassy when pushed. Rolled up into a saucy little sushi roll – I can be a bit stuck up but fun at the same time.’

Baker finally appeared in a Manhattan court on Tuesday, after three weeks on the run. By her side was high-powered criminal defense attorney Robert Gottlieb, who said his client was holidaying in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when news of the case broke last week and was not in fact ‘on the run’. Mr Gottlieb said Baker contacted him on Thursday March 8, flew back to New York last Saturday and had been prepared to turn herself in on Monday.

Baker is accused of helping run the alleged millionaires-only call girl ring, which prosecutors say was operated out of a cramped one-bedroom ‘brothel’ on East 78th Street for $2,000 per hour. Baker claims to work for New York dating company VIP Life which legitimately supplies wealthy clients with well-to-do ladies who are looking for love. She faces up to seven years in jail if convicted.

Speaking from Rikers Island prison last week, Scottish-born Gristina said Baker worked for her as a legitimate matchmaker and is innocent of any crime.


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