(PHOTOS) Real Or Fake: Before And Afters Of Famous Celebrity Butts

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Plastic surgery is so common you can never tell if someone was naturally blessed with a round booty or if it was pumped up by doctors…unless you use the internet.  While there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, why do so many deny having it done when clearly they have?  Take a look at some before and after photos of women known for their plump posteriors, and you decide – real or fake?

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Kim Kardashian:

It seems as Kim Kardashian’s reality empire grew, so did her ass.  X-ray or not, her butt is questionable.

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez seems to have a natural booty.  As her weight fluctuates so does the size of her butt.

Tahiry Jose:

Tahiry (and her butt) became noticed while dating rapper Joe Budden.  After their split she really got into modeling, I guess the enhancement helps further her career.


Ice-T’s wife admits to having other plastic surgery but claims her butt is real, these photos tell it all…

Nicki Minaj:

No questions here, she had work done.

Amber Rose:

I’m on the fence with this one.  What do you think?

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