(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Dance Moms: Preteens Made To Wear Nude Bikinis For Performance

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Lifetime’s highly controversial show Dance Moms might have gone a bit too far. Why would anyone want their 8-year-old prancing around looking like she is butt naked?  To me it’s basically feeding pedophiles and exploiting your kids for the attention of the media.  Check out more here…


Lifetime’s Dance Moms has hit new lows by asking its child contestants – the youngest of whom is just eight-years-old – to dress in nude bikinis and perform a burlesque routine on stage. The raunchy dance moves are usually the domain of striptease experts, the X-rated acts brimming with nudity, nipple tassels and sexually explicit poses.

But a clip from this week’s show sees dance teacher Abby Lee Miller dressing the children in tan bikinis to give the audience the impression of full nudity, before asking them to act as if a man ‘cant’ afford’ them. Upon announcing the suggestive routine – ‘the audience should think that you are nude’, reveals Ms Miler – the show’s infamously competitive moms and their daughters are clearly shocked, as shown in the preview at Jezebel.

Ms Miller, who has never been a professional dancer but has been teaching choreography since she was just 14, talks her young charges though the famously tittivating routine, instructing them to ‘hide’ behind then ‘look’ from the modesty of their hot pink fans. As much as she may believe the audience will be so focused on the quivering, sweeping feathers to not notice the apparently nude children holding them, her intentions clearly suggest she wants onlookers to think ‘prostitute’ when they see the dancers.

The fierce dance madam apparently sees no insensitivity on the misguided outfit choice, explaining that ‘you give the allusion that you’re nude underneath the fans… we all know you’re wearing tan bras and tan pants.’ The fans, she says, are for covering the body. Yet, despite the initial shock reactions and obvious anxiety caused by the inappropriate idea, the mothers do not successfully intervene.

The warning signs that Dance Moms may be a touch on the risque side were only too evident, when, in a recent slot on Anderson Cooper’s daytime show, a group of Toddlers and Tiara’s mothers said that the Dance Moms parents were ‘worse’ then they.

Source: DailyMail

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  1. Look, what this society and it’s feminists are about is denying and repressing the natural healthy sensousness of children. Tech advances have more sheer clothing, way more film capability,way more leisure time….yet our attitude has more in common with the Taliban. Look at the May 1977 Der Spiegel cover and the Brooke Shields photos hoisting from an arts museum.Welcome to a darkening age. It’s not legal to burn redheads anymore,as was fashionable in Germany…but note the jail time for the next so called “pedo”.

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