(PHOTOS) Brosiery And Mantyhose: Is Men In Tights The Next New Fashion Statement?

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OK – it’s one thing for me to see a man wearing sandals or carrying a man bag (murse) but now tights for men?  What is the fashion world coming to?  I think these are weird looking but I will bet Lil’ Wayne will get a pair or two if he doesn’t already have them.  Check out the photos of the line of Mantyhose by Emilio Cavallini…

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Emilio Cavallini has designed a range of unisex tights.  The styles are being purchased and worn by men, who make up 2-3%, or 20- to 30,000 – of the company’s customers.

Costing $27, the tights, made from a mix of cotton and nylon, were launched in June 2009, reports WWD. Speaking to the fashion newspaper, the company’s vice president, Francesco Cavallini said:

‘When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men.…So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.’

Mr. Cavallini said that his company’s ‘brosiery’ is tested on its male employees and that their research had led to a special, breathable fabric being designed to account for men’s higher perspiration levels.

Cavallini believes his male clients mostly wear the pantyhose under pants to keep warm – but tells the paper he has seen men wearing them under shorts. His sister Lisa Cavallini, the company’s distributor in the U.S., told the fashion newspaper she believes the leg wear is a style-driven choice.

Ladies, would you like if your man wore these?  I wouldn’t find them attractive on my husband to say the least!  What happened to a good old pair of long-john’s  to keep him warm?

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