(PHOTOS/VIDEO) The New Kardashians: Shahs Of Sunset Features Persian Socialites In LA

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‘Shas of Sunset’ is a new reality show featuring a group Iranian immigrants who grew up in the area of LA known as Tehrangeles.  The show is going to give a look into the lives of a bunch of wealthy Persians living the American dream.  I will definitely be watching this! Check out the photos, details, and watch a sneak peek of the next hit realty show here…

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Cast members of the ‘Shas of Sunset’ say the show is about friendship and are excited, as one put it, for ‘the impact it’s going to have on people to see us Persians and learn something new.’ Hopefully this show will extinguish the stereotypes of Iranians seen in the U.S.  Of the many Persians I know, they are all beautiful, and amazing people. But what’s a reality show wot out the drama?  Find out a little about each of the cast members here:

Reza Farahan, a great sports fan, believes that he is an ‘anomaly’ in that he is a gay Persian. He told Daily Beast:

‘We are much more sophisticated [than Jersey Shore’s cast]. We come from different backgrounds of lawyers and doctors. Those people on Jersey Shore are hooking up every night. They have a ‘smoosh’ room. They drink pickle juice. They have nothing. They are incredibly trashy. We are not like that.’

29-year-old daddy’s girl Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi, who is currently on the search for a husband says to Daily Beast:

‘Do I think people will see us in a different light? Yes, I do.  We are not terrorists. Our money isn’t from oil. We’re not related to Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden.’

Rapper Asa Soltan Rahmati, who left Iran at just 8-years-old, says she has been called the Persian MIA, the Persian Lady Gaga, the Persian Kesha and the Persian Grace Jones. Check out her music videos below.

Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid is the party girl of the group. According to the Bravo site, her and her overbearing mother often argue however, there is no love lost.

Sammy Younai (left) and Mike Shouhed are both in the real-estate business. Mike, 33, says he is part of the city’s ‘Persian Real Estate Mafia’ while muscle-bound Sammy, 35, is a ‘ladies man’.

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