(PHOTOS) Kris Jenner Promoting Sex Product Zestra, Go Figure!

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Kris Jenner has been promoting Zestra, a sex aid that she claims offers ‘instant gratification.’ Think this has come at an awkward time?  With the Khloe paternity scandal and the whole cheating on her late and current husband scandal, I think it’s perfect.  Kris Jenner knows a thing or two when it comes to sex, so she’s the perfect spokeswomen to me! Check out the details and reviews of the product here…

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56-year-old reality personality Kris Jenner is advertising Zestra, which she claims ‘is a safe, natural sexual enhancement product.’ In a statement the mother-of-six said:

‘I’m so excited because today I’m sharing my best tips to enjoying a fabulous love life. You know, it’s funny, my girlfriends and I often talk about finding ways to make time for intimacy in a busy, complicated (but fabulous!) life. I’ve been lucky enough to discover a new, amazing, revolutionary product that helps women get in the mood and ready for romance in minutes.  It’s forever changed my experience in the bedroom and I’m sure it will do the same for you.  And, who wouldn’t want to try something that works in minutes and makes sex feel…well, amazing? I love instant gratification.’

Quite what her former Olympic gold medal winning decathlon athlete husband Bruce makes of her endorsement is not clear. But she did try to slip Viagra into his coffee on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in a bid to add more action to their sex life.

Despite the star’s endorsement however, it seems other users of the product are not so enthusiastic.  It currently holds a two star rating overall on Amazon, with most users only marking it one out of five.

One user Amber May said:

‘I would have enjoyed a lit stick of dynamite more.’

While another called Jonathan Fisher said:

‘This stuff smells like dirty bacon grease.’

Kris was later seen being interviewed by former Saved By The Bell star Mario Lopez for his show Extra, and no doubt pushed her latest product there. But she is not the first member of the clan to endorse an adults-only product however.  Kourtney Kardashian’s boyfriend Scott Disick hawked a male enhancement drug last year.


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