(PHOTOS) First Look At Blue Ivy: Jay-Z And Beyonce Share Personal Photos Of Their New Baby

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Blue Ivy Carter looks just like her daddy!  Beyoncé and Jay-Z surprised fans by sharing the first pictures of their baby, Blue Ivy Carter.  They posted a personal note along with a series of intimate photos of their new daughter, who was born just over a month ago.  Take a look at the photos of Blue Ivy Carter here…

Instead of selling their first baby pictures to a magazine for millions, Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to take control and post their pictures of Blue Ivy to a tumblr blog, for free.  It’s almost shocking, considering the fact they just trademarked their baby’s name…  All that is irrelevant though, they seem to have a healthy baby girl and that’s all that counts.

Click HERE for more on Jay-Z, Beyonce & Blue Ivy

(Blue Ivy and a photoshopped Jay-Z baby comparison)

(Mrs. Knowles with Beyonce as a baby, Beyonce with her baby)


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