(PHOTOS) Maria Di Toro EXPOSED: First Look At Greg Kelly Rape Accuser

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Greg Kelly has denied the ridiculous accusation of rape brought by Maria Di Toro and has been cleared after a thorough investigation.  But who is the woman who cried wolf, probably trying to get herself off the hook for cheating on her boyfriend?  Take a look at her here, and men watch out!

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The woman who accused Fox 5 anchor Greg Kelly of raping her in a her law office name has been released as Maria Di Toro. It was announced yesterday that no charges will be filed against Greg Kelly, son of New York police commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Maria Di Toro told investigators she was so drunk on the night she was with Kelly she blacked out and does not remember anything after they left the bar they were drinking in. But she insisted she knew she had sex with him in her boss’ office at legal firm Cullen & Dykmanas because she became pregnant, and later had an abortion. Di Toro is said to have dreams of becoming an actress and model, had a boyfriend at the time of the alleged sex romp and she knew he could not have been the father as he had a vasectomy.

Moral of the story: Cheaters never win, and if you do cheat you better wear a condom!

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  1. What a slut and fame whore. Gee, aspiring ugly model seeking lielight and to keep her loser boyfriend by crying “rape and pregnancy”. Despicable. Greg should have pressed charges or sued her for lible and slander, but I guess he wants nothing to do with her. Her boyfriend must be desperate to still stick around! She gives real rape victims a bad name.

  2. This women needs to stop, she cheated on this boyfriend, and to calm him down accuses Kelly of rape. Yes her name should be dirtied as she try to dirty kelly’s name. Her BF is a loser also, whay guy would have not thrown this whore out. Kelly was not her first.

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