(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Sex Addict Crystal Warren Confesses She Used To Be A Man!

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Crystal Warren admits that there could be ‘a lot of angry men out there’ after they learn her secret.  She is not the most attractive woman so I wonder what the men she slept with look like!  Take a look at the photos and find out the startling number of men Crystal Warren, formerly  Christopher Snowden, has slept with and the risky behavior she admitted to here…

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42-year-old Crystal Warren appeared on This Morning earlier this week to discuss her sex addiction – prompting Eamonn Holmes to ask why she hadn’t turned to prostitution.  But she chose not to reveal her true identity until now, though insists she wasn’t ‘trying to hide anything’.  Miss Warren was born Christopher Snowden and changed gender in 2005, she has admitted.

She told The Sun:

‘I’m scared there will be a lot of angry men out there reading this but I have to tell the truth. A lot of people will think I’ve lied to those I’ve had sex with. But I don’t feel I have because I’m a woman and my past is all behind me. I don’t want any man I’ve ever been with to doubt his sexuality now because of this. They didn’t know they were sleeping with somebody like me.’

She says that even when she was young she felt as though she was a female trapped in a boy’s body – a condition known as gender dysphoria. Miss Warren said her parents realized from a young age – and her dad even bought her a skirt for her fourth birthday. And she has revealed that as a teenager she would stay at home to try on his mother’s clothes, when her parents were out of the house.

Eventually, in 2002 Miss Warren began having hormone and laser treatment to remove body hair and develop a 38B bust. She underwent counseling before finally having full gender reassignment surgery seven years ago.

Even before the operation the former shop worker from Brighton, East Sussex, would sleep with men, but says she has bedded most her lovers since she took her decision to become a woman. She says she admitted to some of them that she was born male.

Most of the men she met were in gay bars and clubs because that was where she felt ‘most comfortable’. She admits sleeping with a different man every night was ‘brilliant’, but says it wasn’t as simple as her being gay.

She admits that three months after the surgery she had sex with ten different men at a swingers’ party. But she says she doesn’t feel bad about not revealing her past because her secret was little different to the men she slept with who ‘may have been married or had a girlfriend or been to prison’.

Miss Warren, blames her sex addiction on witnessing the breakdown of her parents’ marriage when she was five and has admitted to sometimes sleeping with as many as seven men in a day, who she will pick up in pubs or even at the shops.

For many years, she believed her behavior was relatively normal and attributed it to having a high sex drive. But when she hit 40, she finally admitted she had a problem. She said she has been unable to keep a job as a result of her constant need for sex.

Miss Warren’s sex drive is still so high that she will spend her weekends finding men at pubs or coffee shops to pick up and take home. On a bad day she has admitted to having sex with seven different men in 24 hours, sometimes a few at a time.

With such a high number in just one day she confessed it was difficult to fit it all in, and would sleep with a man in the morning, one at lunch and then as many as possible in the evening. She says people assume she is a slut but she insists the addiction means it is out of her control.

Source: DailyMail

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