(PHOTOS) Jessy Hatch, Born With No Legs To A Meth-Head Mom, Completes Long-Distance Run

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Nine-year-old Jessy Hatch has completed her first long-distance run just months after receiving a pair of carbon fiber legs. Check out the photos and details on the incredible young girl, Jessy Hatch…

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Blighted by a tragic genetic condition – caused by her biological mother’s addiction to meth- she was born with badly formed limbs and aged 11 months underwent a double amputation. For years she learned to walk using prosthetic legs but moved on to carbon fiber blades, similar to those used by high profile South African athlete Oscar Pistorious, so she could participate in sporting events.

And after a few months of training and the support of her adoptive parents Dawn and Aaron, Jessy from Phoenix, Arizona, tackled her first mini marathon. All of the money raised from the mile sponsored run will go to help others like her.

Her adoptive mother Dawn said:

‘Jessy is brilliant. She has a strong will and she’s resilient and smart.’

As a baby Jessy was adopted by Dawn and Aaron Hatch who already looked after 23 other children. Many of the other foster children also had disabilities caused by drug addicted parents so the couple were prepared for the type of care Jessy would require. Because her legs were so badly formed at 11-months-old doctors amputated both of her legs above the knee.

Dawn added:

‘A double amputee exerts 250 per cent more energy when walking than we do. It took us nine years to get her healthy enough to wear these running legs. A little three or four- year-old can’t take in the 2100 calories needed to walk on artificial legs.  So Jessy had to have a feeding tube inserted into her stomach to help beef her up. We just took it out in June 2011. After that she could have her running legs as she’d built up enough muscle mass.’

Incredibly, after only a couple months of training at a local gym, Jessy decided to participate in a one-mile Kids Rock run in Tempe, Arizona this January.

Jessy’s contact with her biological family is almost non-existent – she has never met her mother, but has visited her brother twice.

Away from the running track Jessy helps to run a charity called ‘Jessy for Jeans’, which collects unwanted jeans and other clothing for disadvantaged children.

Source: DailyMail

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