(VIDEO) Human Head Found Behind Famous Hollywood Sign

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Detectives are searching the Hollywood area for human remains after a decapitated human head was found behind the famous sign in the Hollywood Hills found. Scary! Check out the details and watch the video here…

Police with cadaver dogs returned Wednesday morning to a park below the famous Hollywood sign to search for more body parts and evidence in their investigation of a severed human head found there Tuesday. Two dog walkers discovered the head of a man in a bag Tuesday afternoon in the Hollywood Hills area, Los Angeles police said.

The two told park rangers they were walking about nine dogs in Bronson Canyon Park about 2:30 p.m. when two of the dogs started playing with an object in a bag, police told CNN. The rangers in turn notified robbery and homicide detectives, who are handling the investigation. The head appears to be that of a male victim, and did not appear to have been there long, but the coroner will have to make a determination, police said.


Source: CNN

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