Freaky And Sexy World Records (PHOTOS)

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From longest tongue to largest orgy, these weird world records will have you wondering how much time some people have on their hands.  What will they think of next?!  Check out some of the strangest and freakiest world records out there…

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Longest Tongue

Annika Irmler, a German tween, is known for having the world’s longest lady tongue, at 2.7 inches.

Biggest Dong

You’re looking at the dude with the biggest dong in the world. Basically, Jonah Falcon has a penis even Ron Jeremy would be jealous of. It’s 13.5 inches of bang. But with every yin, there’s a yang. Unfortunately, it happens to be attached to an unemployed actor who is 39 and lives with his mom.

Most Semen Swallowed

As if you needed a reason to get out of swallowing, in 1991, Michelle Monahan of L.A. had to get her stomach pumped after she sucked down 1.7 pints of semen. That’s about five yogurt cups’ worth. I am going to vom.

Biggest Orgy

When it comes to orgies, nobody does it quite like Japan. Not only do they hold the world record for biggest public orgy, but it was also the most orderly. It’s hard to get 500 people to sit nicely together let alone sit on each other, but check out these 250 men and 250 women paired off and puttin’ out in sync.

Most Orgasms

The World Record for most female orgasms was recorded at the 2009 Masturbate-A-Thon in Denmark. While Michael Hariprem claimed the title for men the year before with 31 big O’s, one lucky gal achieved 222 orgasms in one sitting.

Biggest Boobs

If you think Texas likes to do things big, well, swing by a strip club in Long Island. That’s where you’ll find Maxi Mounds and her set of 61MMM-cup boobs. Last July, after four surgeries, she earned the Guinness distinction of “World’s Largest Augmented Breasts.” Although, who the biggest boob in America is, well, that is still up for debate.

Longest Pube Hair

Supposedly, Maoni Vi of Cape Town, South Africa had the kinda long hair you could braid … growing from her vajane. But you’d have to bush-whack through 28 inches to find said vag.

Longest Legs

Svetlana Pankratova of Russia puts on a leg show that’s 4 feet 4 inches. She is also known as being one of the best blockers in college basketball. From the ’92 to ’95 seasons, she held three records at Virginia Commonwealth University that are still unbroken.

Longest Ejaculation

The longest distance a man was ever able to shoot with his zipper gun is held by Horst Schultz. He fired over 18 feet. We hope he didn’t hit anyone. As for the ladies, the farthest recorded distance that a woman has ejaculated was also at the 2009 Maturbate-A-Thon in Denmark. (What a banner year!) She fired a whopping 10.3 feet.

Smallest Waist

70-year-old grandma Cathie Jung corset trained her waist down from an itty-bitty 26 to an even bittier 15 inches—or roughly the size of a mayonnaise jar. Now she’s the self-proclaimed “Queen Of Corsets” and holds the Guinness Record.

Put A Football Where The Sun Don’t Shine

Forget Eli and Peyton, there’s a Manning even more infamous when it comes to football. Linda Manning of Los Angeles (no relation) can reportedly shove an entire lubricated football in the end zone between her thighs, without any foreplay.

Source: TheFrisky

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