(PHOTOS) Russell Brand To Get RICH From Katy Perry Divorce, Couple Had No Prenup!

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s short lived marriage was not a shock to many.  The shock comes with the fact that Russell Brand could gain millions off his soon-to-be ex-wife, since they had no prenup. Get the details of what Katy Perry is at risk of losing and what Russell Brad could possibly be gaining along with the divorce… OUCH

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Russell Brand is set to make up to approximately $30million from his divorce from wife Katy Perry, according to reports.  The comedian is in line for the huge lump sum in a 50/50 split of the couple’s earnings even after just 14 months of marriage.  Brand, 36, and Perry, 27, didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement when they married in October so under Californian law, he could be entitled to half of her fortune.

Hiding away: Brand is back in London and has been staying at the Savoy Hotel

(Russell in London leaving the Savoy hotel)

Brand announced on Friday that the couple’s marriage was over. Speaking to the Daily Star on Sunday outside The Savoy Hotel in London yesterday, he said:

I’m doing good. Everything is going to be better next year.’

The Star reported that according to Forbes Magazine, Katy Perry is worth £28million ($48million), a fortune that industry insiders said has rocked recently to at least £45million ($69million) due to her non-stop touring and commercial ventures.  Russell Brand, in contrast, has a net worth of about £11million ($17million) from his stand-up tours and a string of hit movies including Get Him To The Greek and the remake of the Dudley Moore film Arthur.

(Katy Perry spent Christmas without Russell in Hawaii)

Other reports today have hinted that Brand and Perry threatened each other with divorce several times recently after a string of arguments.  A former aide of the pair told the paper:

‘I believe the filing of this divorce was as childish as many of their arguments. It was a case of “I’m dumping you before you can dump me”, a total pride thing. I don’t think Russell liked that Katy was the bigger star. He’d pick her to pieces over the most trivial things.’


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