(PHOTOS/VIDEO) $4Million Highway Crash: Ferraris, Mercedes, And Lamborghinis Totaled

$4million roadway crash MDLS

Thirteen high-end sports car owners, and one driver of a Toyota Prius, were probably close to tears last night after a $4million motorway pile-up. The cars involved in the expensive crash included at least two Ferrari F430s, two Ferrari 360 Modenas, two Ferrari F355s and a Lamborghini Diablo. I hope they all have really good insurance!  […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) DMX Trying To Improve Image By Rolling With The Troops?

DMX with troops MDLS

DMX is continuing to improve his image as a concert in Texas turned into a visit to injured soldiers.  Lately, DMX is coming off as a humble man, but does he have ulterior motives?  Only time will tell.  Check out the photos and video of DMX literally rolling with the soldiers! Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Tyrann Mathieu BUSTED By Groupies, The Chronicles Of Twitter Continue…

Tyrann Mathieu busted MDLS

College football star Tyrann Mathieu learned a tough lesson, never brag about your long-time girlfriend if your mistresses are on Twitter! Check out how he got busted by several of his side chicks with photographic evidence on Twitter after bragging about long-time girlfriend Sydni…Oops! Follow us @MomsDirtySecret

(PHOTOS) Students Post Raunchy Pics Of Principal Throughout Halls Of NY High School

Jane Addams High School MDLS

Sharron Smalls, a principal of failing Jane Addams High School, has been humiliated when personal photos of her were posted in the school’s hallways. Pretty funny, but you’ll never guess where the students got the pictures from!  I’m not saying you can’t take these kind of photos, just be responsible where you put them! Follow […]

(VIDEO/PHOTOS) Beyonce on 20/20 Wearing Alexander McQueen Butterfly Jacquard Leggings

Beyonce & Katie Couric MDLS

Beyonce‘s interview with Katie Couric for 20/20 aired this week and the mommy to be talks about hiding her pregnancy, fake baby bump, and all the excitement buzzing. But what has me bustling are the Alexander McQueen Butterfly Jacquard Leggings! I’m in love! Wanna know the price? Click below and watch Bey’s full interview with […]

Long Island Serial Killer: Details Emerge And How Killer Is Avoiding Being Caught

Prostitutes killed by Long Island Serial Killer MDLS

Police have come up with a new theory on how the Long Island serial killer is avoiding their arrest.  While it is scary that there is a serial killer on the loose and the bodies were found not too far from my house, I am not too worried (considering I am not a prostitute).  But […]