(PHOTOS/VIDEOS) Erica Mena From Love And Hip Hop Fights Men AND Women!

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Erica Mena from last night’s Love and Hip Hop might be certified CRAZY!  Her and Kimbella got into it, but it seems Erica likes to fight men too! There’s video footage of her beating up her man!!  Check out the details, photos, and video of the from last night’s show.

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Love and Hip Hop hasn’t been the same since Somaya Reece isn’t on as much.  But I think I see exactly why she isn’t!  Judging from last night’s show, it seems the qualifications to get on the show and stay on the show, are to act like a hood rat.

The ladies met up and Erica starts saying that Kimbella on a lower level than her, saying she’s making it hard for real models like herself.  Erica also said that Kimbella should be happy a man with money got her pregnant.

Kimbella threw a drink and all hell broke loose. The fight between Erica and Kimbella was totally classless.  Ladies, this is no way to act if you want respect, especially if you a mother!

After the fight a beat up Erica ran away and demanded her cell phone to call the police.  Check out the video of her after she fights her baby daddy…she demands her phone there too!  What’s with her, starting fights then calling the cops?!



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