More Victims Say They Had Their Butts Injected With Cement By Fake Doctor Oneal Ron Morris

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More victims are coming forward about being injected in the buttocks with superglue and cement by transgender, and fake doctor, Oneal RonWilson. Wilson must have known he’d get caught and cleaned up his mess because this nut is out on bail. This an example of  how women would do anything for the “perfect body!” Click below to get the details.

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Victims have come forward claiming a bogus doctor injected toxic substances into their buttocks. Oneal Ron Morris, 30, was arrested for practicing medicine without a license with serious bodily injury after a patient complained the transgender woman pumped cement and ‘Fix-a-Flat’ tire sealant into her backside. The treatment left the victim with life threatening injuries and she needed several surgeries and round-the-clock care.

Police say Morris is a man but appears to be a woman and her arrest photographs show an apparently enhanced rear. Detectives say she performed the potentially lethal treatment on herself. Jennifer Hirst, deputy press secretary of the Florida Department of Health told NBC in Miami that other possible victims have come forward as a result of the media attention. They are claiming Morris performed similar procedures on them and that they suffered severe complications.

Ms Hirst said additional arrests in the case are possible. She didn’t offer any more details about the new victims. Morris is now free on bond but he probe by the Miami Gardens Police and health officials is continuing. According to the arrest report, the patient went to Morris’s home and paid $700 for six injections ‘in each buttock to improve its shape and cosmetic’ appearance. She allegedly used superglue to seal the incisions. Within hours, the victim began to feel sick and eventually required treatment at several hospitals.

Experts have said undergoing unlicensed medical procedures is ‘like playing Russian roulette.’

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