(PHOTOS/AUDIO) Dog The Bounty Hunter Granted Custody Of Grandson Travis Due To Child Abuse

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Dog The Bounty Hunter now has custody of his late daughter‘s son Travis Jr.  A disturbing audio recording that appears to capture the horrific beating of Travis Jr. by Travis Mimms Sr. is at the center of a court battle that has caused a judge to grant temporary custody to Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman of his grandson. Listen to the audio below…

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Duane “The Dog” Chapman has been awarded temporary custody of his 9-year-old grandson, Travis Mimms, Jr., after a chilling audio tape surfaced of what is alleged to be the child being viciously beaten by his father, Travis Mimms, Sr.

RadarOnline.com reports that on October 21, approximately seven police cars descended on the Mimms residence, wherein the authorities removed Mimms, Jr. from his father’s custody and handed him over to Chapman.  Travis Mimms, Jr. is the son of Chapman’s late daughter, Barbara-Katie Chapman (below).

Chapman told Star magazine:

“I don’t want to take my grandson’s dad away from him.  I want (Travis, Sr.) to take parenting classes. We had to get (Travis, Jr.) out of that situation. I was beaten by my father, too. But we have to break that cycle.”

Chapman’s wife, Beth, agreed:

“This is all about protecting a little boy, not about hurting his dad. We’re doing what we have to do. We want Travis, Sr. to get help.”

Previously, Mimms, Sr. worked for Chapman and also received financial assistance from him. Following the death of their daughter, the Chapmans raised Mimms, Jr., eventually returning him to Mimms, Sr.

Chapman and Mimms, Sr. had a falling out approximately one year ago and have not spoken since.

Last week, Star magazine reported that Mimms, Sr. obtained a restraining order against the Chapmans, claiming that the family had been harassing him, accusing him of beating his son and slandering him. In the papers filed, Mimms, Sr. claims that Chapman threatened him numerous times, that his son is “scared” of Duane Chapman and his wife, and that Chapman threatened to kill him.

Chapman also took out a restraining order against Mimms, Sr. A hearing is set for that order on November 4.

Click HERE for how Dog’s daughter died, and the history with him and Travis Sr.

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  1. Don’t worry everyone, Travis whipped him through his clothes so it’s a completely justifiable act. Television can be a deceiving facade. I remember him appearing in several episodes and he seemed to depict himself as a loving father, as well a moderately reserved and friendly individual whilst around Dog and his family. What happens once the cameras are cut may reveal wickedness. I don’t have any children and I’ll never be in a position to speak on parenting but the matter of physical punishment unto your child is a despicable act that deserves only ill-repute instead of glorification. Yell at your children, take away all that they have to teach them a lesson, there’s never a need to beat them though.

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