(POLL) Is Fantasizing About Someone Else During Sex OK?

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Is fantasizing about someone else during sex a form of cheating or is it healthy?  Depending on your relationship, this answer could differ.  Especially if you have trust and insecurity issues. Find out some points of view on the sticky subject and take our poll here…

Patricia Dean

“The Doctors” looked into this sexual gray area in an episode last week.

For those in a long-term monogamous relationship, fantasizing is “crucial” to the relationship, says Dr. Wendy Walsh. Dr. Lisa Masterson agrees, calling fantasies a form of role play and part of a “healthy” sexual relationship.

Dr. Travis Stork weighed in with some practical advice for those that choose to indulge: keep it to yourself — “unless it’s a play-out fantasy.”

Trainer Jillian Michaels weighs in with perhaps the most romantic response out of the entire segment: “I worry that if I’m thinking about somebody else, then in a way it’s a form of cheating… when I’ve done that, I’ve been out of love.”

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