(PHOTOS) ‘All My Children’ Goes Out With A Bang — Literally


The curtain fell on soap opera All My Children today after 41 years. The daytime drama has been on ABC since 1970 and televised its last episode on Friday.  Click below for details from the last episode, and what Susan Lucci shared on the View. Patricia Dean

(PHOTOS) ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump’s New $10M Mansion


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd have bought a new home with a 90210 zip code.  The couple paid $10.2m on a 8,000+ sq ft property, which has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a library and much more.  This is actually downsizing from their last home.  Check out the […]

(VIDEO) Gay Soldier Booed At Republican Confrence While GOP Cheers For Rick Santorum

Republican Party of Florida debate in Orlando MDLS

Gay rights groups have attacked the GOP and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum after a U.S. soldier serving in Iraq was booed by members of the audience at the televised debate.  Click below for the outrageous details and the video. Patricia Dean

(VIDEO) Lloyd’s New Video “Dedication To My Ex”

Dedication To My Ex Miss That Lloyd MDLS

Okay I don’t know about those who have viewed this video but I was pretty offended when I listened closely to the explicit lyrics of this song by Lloyd. Check out the video below and WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT!

Violent Allegations Against Kobe Bryant Being Reviewed

Kobe Bryant MDLS

San Diego prosecutors are reviewing allegations by a man claiming that Kobe Bryant injured him in a scuffle at a Carmel Valley church to determine whether any charges will be filed.

TSA Agent Check A Woman’s Hair For Explosives

TSA Agents Check Woman's Hair MDLS

On Monday, a woman was humiliated as a TSA agent searched through her hair for explosives on her way to board a plane. Check out the story below.

New Shorts Designed For Women To Help Lose Weight


A new pair of shorts have made their way onto the market, designed specifically to help women drop weight quickly. Check out the details below.

(VIDEO) “Breaking Dawn Part I” Extended Trailer Released

Breaking Dawn

The Twilight Saga continues as “Breaking Dawn Part I” slowly makes it’s approach to theaters in November. The extended trailer has been released and it is definitely something for the fans to be excited about. Check out the video below. Anisha Robertson

(PHOTOS) Kim Kardashian Going To Visit The In-Laws


Kim Kardashian and hubby Kris Humphries took a visit to Kris’ hometown for the first time as a married couple to spend a long weekend with his family and friends.  Forget Kim, but look at Kris.  He loves his white t-shirts.  I think he wore the same outfit while at a fashion week runway show.  […]

Reports Say Max Shacknai May Have Been Strangled Before Tragic ‘Accident’

Max Shacknai MDLS

The six-year-old son of Jonah Shacknai who died after a fall at his father’s mansion may have suffocated, newly obtained search warrants suggest.  Max Shacknai was found unconscious at the base of the stairs at his father’s vacation home, where girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau, was found dead two days later. Max’s death was determined to be […]

(GRAPHIC PHOTOS) Mexican Drug Cartel Dumps 35 Bodies On City Highway


Suspected drug traffickers drove two trucks to a main avenue in a Mexican Gulf coast city and dumped 35 dead bodies during rush hour while gunmen stood guard and pointed their weapons at frightened motorists.  Click below for more details and photos of the gruesome events. Patricia Dean