(PHOTOS/VIDEO) NYPD Spray Mace In Women’s Faces At Wall Street Protest


This is the moment when a group of supposedly peaceful female protesters were rounded up in an orange mesh pen by police and sprayed with mace without any apparent provocation.  New York Police Department has refused to comment on the brutal scenes from the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ that capture the women screaming in agony after […]

Tips On How To Beat Cravings


There’s nothing more frustrating if you are trying to lose weight than finding yourself unwittingly lured to the fridge.  In just a few moments, all those carefully counted calories and hours in the gym can be instantly counted out by a compulsion for something sweet, creamy, salty, delicious, but definitely bad for you.  Here are […]

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Jennifer Lopez Showing Her ASSETS At iHeartRadio Music Festival


She was just one of many acts to take to the stage during the iHeartRadio music festival this weekend, but Jennifer Lopez made sure she stood out.  It was certainly her intention last night with the focus on her famous behind as she took to the stage in a red feathery tasseled outfit.  She looks […]

(PHOTOS) Connie Culp America’s First Face Transplant Still Loves The Man Who Shot Her


Connie Culp, the 48-year-old from Ohio, who was the first person to receive a face transplant in the U.S., has bravely decided to talk about the domestic abuse and terrible shooting she endured at the hands of the man she says she still loves.  Still dealing with the tragic events, see what Connie Culp has […]