(PHOTOS) Juelz Santana ARRESTED For Beating Up Baby Mama Kimbella

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We last reported that Kimbella announced while filming for ‘Love and Hip Hop’ that she slept with rapper Fabolous.  This not only caused her to get beat up by fellow cast member, but it looks like her rapper baby daddy, Juelz Santana beat her up too!  Check the details of the scandalous behavior below.

Patricia Dean

Rumor has it, Juelz Santana was arrested last month in connection with a domestic altercation he had with his girlfriend and baby mama, Kimbella.  According to MTO, Juelz found out that Kimbella admitted on camera that she had slept with fellow NY rapper Fabolous. Word is that Juelz was not only angry that she cheated, but even more angry that she disgraced him by admitting to sleeping with Fab on a national TV.

The insider told MediaTakeOut.com:

“He beat [Kimbella] up and threw her out of his car . . . [Juelz] left her on the side of the road like she was garbage.”

Kimbella reportedly called police and Juelz was later picked up on a warrant connected with the physical altercation.  It appears however, that since the incident, Juelz and Kimbella are together again. According to Kim’s publicist, the couple threw a lavish Birthday party for their youngest son last weekend. And the two are said to be “extremely happy” together.

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