Siblings Kathryn And Steven Garrity Sue MOTHER For $50,000 For Buying ‘Wrong’ Birthday Card!

Kimberly Garrity Sued By Kids MDLS

This story sounds so absurd but it is in fact true. Kimberly Garrity, who raised Steven II and Kathryn was sued by her own children for $50,000. Find out more of the bizarre story below.

New Study Shows Men CAN Be Bi-Sexual and Not 100% Gay

Ever caught yourself referring to a bi-sexual man as gay? Well, you are now officially politically incorrect. Check out this new male sexual orientation study below! Caasi Cofer

(NSFW) Kreayshawn’s Nude Pictures Leaked!

Rapper Kreayshawn didn’t have the best day yesterday. First she lost at the VMAs for Best New Artist. Then she sent out Tweets filled with anti-jew and N word comments, which she later claims she did not say. Then shortly after that, nude pictures mysteriously leaked for the world to see. Check out the leaked […]

RUMOR: Matthew Fox Caught in Affair With Exotic Dancer Stefani Talbot!

On the latest list of celebs who cheat on their wives, we have actor Matthew Fox. 27-year-old exotic dancer Stefani Talbott releases her dirty little secret. Check out the full story below! Caasi Cofer

MDLS wishes a Happy 53rd Birthday to Michael Jackson!!

Today, the King of Pop would have turned 53. Michael Jackson was not only the most successful entertainer of all time, he positively touched the lives of anyone whom came across his voice. You can never be in a bad mood after listening to Michael! MDLS celebrates MJ with a few stand out pictures during […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Kim Kardashian – Jam (Turn It Up)

Regardless of how Kim became famous, you have to admit, she knows exactly what to do to make herself remain relevant. She has fully capitalized on the motto “sex sells”. Her song “Jam (Turn It Up)” which premiered months ago, now has some steamy visuals thanks to director Hype Williams. Check out a clip from […]

BEAUTY TIP: Coconut is the new MUST-HAVE ingredient!

Every so often, we hear about a super ingredient that should be added into our diets for health and beauty benefits.  Madonna, Demi Moore, and Miranda Kerr have already jumped on the coconut train. Find out what the coconut can do for you below! Caasi Cofer

PHOTOS: Ronnie and The Situation get into a fist fight on latest episode of Jersey Shore!

Jersey Shore is filled with so much drama, that it’s hard to keep up. Yesterday, Ronnie and The Situation come to blows after letting months of built up anger and jealousy build between the two. Check out pics of the fight scene below. Caasi Cofer

PHOTOS: Newly Married Kim Kardashian Arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards ALONE!

The heavily publicized wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has the media speculating that the marraige is a publicity stunt. Last night at the 2011 MTV VMAs, (the first major event since the wedding), Kim arrives on the red carpet ALONE! The NBA is still in a lockout so he’s not in practice…..where could […]

VIDEO: Beyonce’ Announces Pregnancy at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards!

After years of media speculation, Beyoncé Knowles confirmed her first pregnancy yesterday at MTV Video Music Awards. Almost made me shed a tear!! Check out the performance below and congrats to the Carters! Caasi Cofer