(PHOTOS) Female Sports Hotties From The 90’s

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Looking back to the 90’s, there were some hot women in sports.  Take a look at some of the sexiest females in sports below.

Patricia Dean


Laila Ali–She made her debut in 1999. The daughter of all-time great Muhammad Ali has made a name for herself in and out of the ring.


Picabo Street–She won gold at Nagano and was the Lindey Vonn of the 90s; a super hot skier who also wins. Street is also rocking pretty cool racing gear in this picture.  Go USA!


Gabrielle Reece–Reece was one of the best professional beach volleyball player throughout the 90s. She also appeared in Playboy.


Kemberly Page– you’re familiar with Diamond Dallas Page, then you should be well acquainted with his former wife and wrestler.


Tatiana Grigorieva–The Australian pole vaulter burst onto the scene in 1998 with a third place finish at the Goodwill Games.


Samantha Riley–She won three medals in two different Olympics. She was a breast stroke specialist.


Jennifer Capriati–She still experienced unmatched success for her age in the early 90s and by the time she was legal, looked pretty damn good.


Mia St. John–Sheis a lightweight boxer who debuted in 1997 with a 54 second knockout.


Marion Jones–She was one of the best all around track and field stars before succumbing to steroids. She got caught for doping and lost seven different medals. The good news is, none of it took place before 1999.


Anna Kournikova–She turned pro in 1995, and was obsolete only a few years later. In her defense, she did win two doubles titles.

Source: BleacherReport


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